Monday, November 28, 2016

NMT, No-Me Teaching 5
a short Satsang with Master Nome – "Meditation"

One absolute Being forever is. It manifests as the Existence of all things & of all beings.  It manifests itself as the Consciousness that knows in all beings.  It manifests itself as the perfect, omnipresent Grace that shines as Happiness in the hearts of all beings.  To know oneself as completely this absolute Being is the purpose, the essence, & the very substance of meditation. _
Meditate in a manner of dissolution so that there remains the Grace that is present everywhere, yet there is no recipient of it.  Meditate in a manner of dissolution so that the Mind is absorbed in the Real Knowledge, which is Consciousness, like a piece of salt dissolves in water.
Meditate in a manner of dissolution of the false Individuality so that the Identity, once imagined to be located in the reflection in the mirror returns to the original Existence which is this Absolute Being.
Dissolve.  Be absorbed.  True Knowledge is the way to accomplish this completely.  With the dissolution of the false identity, absorption of the “I” in the Self, all perplexity disappears, all confusions are resolved, & all Bondage vanishes.  For this true Knowledge of your Being, the Self of all, inquire, “Who am I?”  Inquire & thus dissolve & be absorbed.
The ever-shining Existence, the perpetually-existing Consciousness, & the perfection of Grace are what remain.
If you truly ask the question, “Who am I ?” there is no particularized thing called "I",  yet all that there is thoroughly "I".  There is nothing other than the one Self.  Dissolution, or absorption, is only in Knowledge.  In truth, there is no distinct, separate thing, with its own form, to dissolve, but only the Knowledge that recognizes this is called “dissolution.”
Nothing prevents you from meditation from beginning with the same intensity to which you are accustomed to end.  The ability & the source are there all the time.
Even if something were to be made up that appeared as a Veil, still, it would not depart from being within the Consciousness that knows it.
[responding to a question about awakening from a daydream to waking]
Then next perceptions or ideas arise, & they seem as if real.  The "reality" seems equal, thought after thought, experience after experience, & state of Mind after state after Mind.  The "reality" does not diminish.  It is constant.  That which is constant is "you".  
All of the forms that are illumined or taken to be real are not constant.  Not only does the sense of reality derive from you, but the reality, just the Existence, is "you".  If there is a Thought, the Existence in that Thought is "you", though you are not a Thought.  If there is a daydream, or if the daydream appears as if solidified or crystallized, the Existence of all that is "you".  There is no state in which the Existence ever becomes other than what it is.  It cannot go out of itself [out of existence]. 
The Thought & the crystallized daydream never depart from being within that Existence. The Existence, itself though, is entirely without Differentiation.
The very existence of Illusion is your Existence.  Once Illusion is imagined, it is your Reality that is lent to it.  When you lend Reality to Illusion, Reality, as it is, is not seen. 
So, dissolve Illusion.  Since Illusion consists entirely of imagination & your belief in it, there is no difficulty in its destruction, or Liberation from it.
When in Illusion, the Reality is still so close that it seems as if the Illusion cannot he separated from that Reality.  The Wise know that this is only indicative of the immediacy of the Reality & its homogeneous nature.
Even though Illusion so appears, you can still easily discern what is true & what is not, what is Reality & what is only a mere Illusion.  Discern what is self-existent versus what is entirely dependent on your belief in it.
If you profoundly notice from where Happiness comes, you remain peacefully detached from all of the Illusion.  You identify as the undivided Oneness that pervades all forms, but you are not attached to any of them.
The Thought is that objective confused happiness will make something seem more real, but it doesn’t.   Confused happiness makes it less real.
The Thought makes true Happiness seem less real & veils it.  Knowing the source of happiness yields detachment from all of the unreal appearances. You remain as their undivided Existence but not entangled with the appearances.  There is a great, unmatched fullness in this.
Comparison of Ribhu Gita selections (Sanskrit & Tamil by Master Nome):
S8.2 [meaning Sanskrit version chapter 8, verse 2]
I am the same as Brahman, I am the Self.  There is no doubt of this. One who is firm in the conviction that I am Chaitanya (the Conscious Self) is called a Jivanmukta (liberated while alive).
I am the Self, which is Consciousness. I am Param-Atman (the Supreme Self).  I am attributeless (including absence of Gunas, "binding qualities"), I am higher than the highest.  One who has this certitude is called a Jivanmukta (liberated while alive).
I beyond the Self triad of Bodies (gross physical, subtle dream astral, & Deep Dreamless Sleep causal), I am Brahman, Consciousness. One whose final conclusion is that I am Brahman is called a Jivanmukta (liberated while alive).
One who has no Body or such (mind & ego), who is certain that he is Brahman, & who if filled with the highest Bliss, & who revels in Bliss is called a Jivanmukta (liberated while alive).
T8.2 [meaning Tamil version chapter 8, verse 2]
One who has the certitude "I am the Supreme Brahman, without the 3 Qualities (gunas) of (illuminating) Sattva & the others (agitating Rajas & Tamas dullness), the Truth transcending the highest, of the nature of Consciousness–Bliss" – this is a Jivanmukta (liberated while alive).  One who certitude "I am the Eternal Supreme Self without the 3 Bodies (gross physical, subtle dream astral, & Deep Dreamless Sleep causal), of the nature of Knowledge, the mass of Bliss, the One, the Eternal" – this is a Jivanmukta (liberated while alive).
One who ever abides in Bliss, with no trace of attachments to the Body or such (mind & ego), in the certitude "I am the Supreme Brahman", the One, is a Jivanmukta (liberated while alive).  One who is all Silence & in great Bliss, rid of Delusion, & is of the nature of Consciousness alone, without a trace of the sorrow-ridden Ego, is a Jivanmukta (liberated while alive).

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