Monday, February 27, 2017

Shankara’s Easiest Non-Dual Teaching
Sri Shankara’s “Srih Advaitanubhutih” or “Non-Dual Perception”
(translated by Rmamoorthy & Nome, [with square bracket comments added])
The intent of this text is repetitive analogies that aid transcendence of the strikingly convincing appearance of Multiplicity in the World. Apparent objects are actually only perceptions of such “objects”. Perceptions are actually only thoughts. Thoughts are actually only illusory “waves” (vritti s) in Consciousness, the single Non-Dual Consciousness. The self-luminous & unmistakable Reality of your own Existence is the Self, the only Real,
[2]  Just as, due to a defect in the eye [diplopia due to drunkenness, poison, disease, etc.], the Moon, even though 1, appears as if 2, likewise, due to Illusion [being fooled] (Delusion [fooling oneself]), the Self [Non-Dual Reality], even though 1, falsely appears as if 2 [or immensely multiple as the Universe].
[3]  Just as, for those devoid of a defect in the eye [diplopia, etc.], the Moon is only 1, likewise, for those devoid of the defect of delusion, the Self, indeed, is ever 1.
[4]  Being 2 appears due to a defect in the eye, in the case of the Moon. So, by its own delusion, does the World (the Universe). just as being 2 is false in the case of the Moon, so, likewise, Duality is false in the case of the Self.
[5]  An effect of the Self, [such as Mind-created ] “Space”, will not arise without the Self [being the Consciousness in which Minds appear to function]. “Completeness” [strikingly apparent, detailed, & vast] of this effect being accomplished, how much more [amazing] is this so for the completeness of the Self !
[6]  Just as Space, being the illusory reflection. is only 1 & not, indeed, 2-fold, so, this Self, being the Cause, is only 1 for those who really know.
[to be continued]
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