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Sru Ramana Maharshu

[The Teaching  of Non-Duality has been adapted from Master Nome, disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi.  Sections appended below derive from Sri Ramana's Teaching.]

The Teaching of Non-Duality, Advaita Vedanta is the final, highest Knowledge, not a set of suppositions, for it does not begin by naming or explaining the World, the Individual, the Supreme. Advaita Vedanta begins with Existence.  It begins where we (Ego"I" Individuals) end.  Advaita Vedanta does not attempt to name or explain things that are supposed to exist, but rather aims at Self-Inquiry into the very Nature of Existence.  What is it that is called the Individual ?  However the Individual is named or explained, so in accordance with that is the World & the Supreme Self explained.

Since there are truly no "internal" & "external" aspects in a Dream, though in the Dream those appear, so it is with thought now in the Waking State in which this writing is probably appearing.  Even the largest thought occupies no Space, & the longest one endures for no time.  Therefore all that is conceived is Maya (Illusion).  One thinks, envisions, dreams, & such with no respect to physical things, such as when thinking of a large mountain or dreaming of being in another place.  We do not travel to those places & those things are not altered in any way.  So likewise, all is thought inclusive of the large & small, now & then, this & that, you & I, he & she, here & there; past, present, & future.  Again, no effect or from all things, all actions, all occurrences, Life & Death, & all that is considered the Universe-Individual-God (jagad-jiva-para). T he Self transcends all this, for it is free from though t.

Ignorance is forgetfulness of the Self.  Can there be darkness before the Sun ?  Similarly, can there be Ignorance before the selfevident & self-luminous Self ?  If you know the Self there will be no "darkness", no Ignorance, & no misery.  It is the Mind which feels the trouble & misery.  "Darkness" never comes nor goes.  See the Sun & there is no darkness.  Similarly, see the Self & Ignorance will be found not to exist.

[The Teaching  of Non-Duality has been adapted from Master Nome, disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi.  Sections appended below derive from Sri Ramana's Teaching.]

The only way of knowing what it is that is really your Self, what really is the Supreme Self, & what is really the nature of the Universe is remaining devoid of the assumption if an Ego"I".  Once Individuality is assumed, then there is "this", there are other things.  If there is dissolution of this false Ego"I" assumption, what is left ?  Without the "I", what is the World & the Body that experiences that World ?  Without the "I", what is left of those we call "you", of others ?  Without the Ego"I"notion, what is our view of the Supreme Self ?  What has become of these ?  The 3 (the Individual, the World, the Supreme) are no longer 3.  What remains of them, and what has happened to their distinction ? Knowing or "naming" any of that "Triad" cannot compare to remaining without the false Ego"I"notion, because, without the false notion of  "I" , Pure Existence knows itself. It is not 3fold. It is that which is ever Undivided.

The apparent interaction of things upon "thought" & thoughts upon "things" is entirely a play of thought, which is merely thoughts affecting thoughts. Thought itself projects itself into itself.  There is no "in" or "out" for such are only mere notions.  It is just like the appearance of a Dream thinker in a Dream.  There appear to be his perceptions of the objects & his interior thoughts, be they conceptions, associations, emotions, memories, etc.  The whole of the Dream, "inner" & "outer", is actually just composed of thought appearing in various ways.


The Ego does not exist.  Otherwise do you admit of 2 selves ?  How can
there be Ignorance in the absence of the Ego ?  If you begin Self-Inquiry,
the Ignorance which is already non-existent will be found not to exist. Or else you will say it has "fled" away.  Ignorance pertains to the Ego. Why do you think of the Ego & also suffer ?  What is Ignorance again ?  It is that which is nonexistent.

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