Sunday, March 27, 2022

The Body

What is the nature of the Body and our mental content regarding it ?  What is the nature of the DreamBody and our mental content regarding it ?  What is the nature of the DreamBody in our nightly Dream or waking DayDream, memory, imagination, visualization, and so on ?  For all the latter thought of course, and so it is for the  "ordinary" WakingDream "physical"  Body.  Those Sense thoughts known as Perceptions make up the World and everything in it, including the Body.  When a nightly Dream ends it is soon followed by Deep Dreamless Sleep, or else, another Dream or another Waking–Dream.  The latter thought-process is called reincarnation, thought it also is, no more, no less.

Taken on its own supposed terms, the Waking–Dream "physical" Body is composed of quadrillions of human and bacterial cells, some regulated by quadrillions of interconnected nerves.  Yet the apparent "experience" is unfailingly "singular" never multiple, at least for a "sane" person.  How thought links with passiveexperience, voluntary action, and so on all that remains a great mystery when it comes to minute details and causality. even timings.  Sometimes, thought about a sensation has been shown to sometimes "precede" the event. 

hat are the ramifications of mis-identification with a Body ?  For one, there is the specific, limiting location of oneself in Time and Space.  Mortality, pain, suffering, hopes and fears, and all such derive from this mis-identification with a Body.  Oscillating between the polar extremes of Pleasure and Pain, the Body is the Body is the "physical" symbol, the game-board token for the individual Mind with is centerOrigin known as Ego.  If there were a Purgatory or Hell, this Body mis-identification could be said to be just that except never "eternally".  Individuality is the illusory separation from God, from Brahman, the Non-Dual Absolute Reality. 

Individuality limits Love and Joy, introduces doubt and fear, and so on.  However it may or not be admires by "others" or oneself, the Body could always be better, is never perfect, and being mortal is destined for pain and death.  We shake off such mis-identification what may arise from nightly Dream, and do well to liberate ourselves similarly in the Waking–Dream.  How could this vast community of  human and bacterial cells. fluid chambers and structures, unfailingly yield normally a "singular" experience at ever turn. 

Within the wakingWorld Dream, we read that the Christian Church "legislated" away the thencommon doctrine of Reincarnation in the church councils of the early centuries.  Most developed cultures likewise held to that understanding if life and death.  Fear of such repeated trials and suffering were not usually the "leniency" feared by the Church and rulers such as Constantine, but instead Reincarnation was scarier than final Death.  As for "resurrection of the body" (despite fire, explosion, torn flesh, devouring animals, and so on) was too bizarre to merit further comment, much like "eternal hell" being stipulated by and all-loving Creator.

Remain detached enjoyments and sufferings of the Body, its believed mortality, the alienation and fear of others, and so on.  Discriminate through Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi's meditation of Self-Inquiry, surrender personal concern, and follow the Guru's guidance to Liberation from ignorance.  Pride and shame, desire and aversion, and all body-bound imagination is to be forsaken and/or surrendered to God and that Guru.  One's true Self appears in the Waking–Dream, and sometimes nightly Dream, as the Guru.  Such is God's Grace for all who strive for sincere wisdom and detachment.

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