Friday, October 14, 2016

Master Nome quote regarding Happiness:
"The Self is in truth, perfectly full of Bliss.  The imperturbable Peace, the ineffable & complete Happiness, quite beyond any sensation or mode of Mind, pervaded by a silent Knowledge of eternal, uncreated Perfection is known as "Bliss", Ananda.  To realize this Bliss as it is, one should comprehend
the nature of Happiness, examining it in 3 ways; desire, experience, & the source.  By knowledge of desire one attains recognition of the basis underlying all desires, all hopes, & all seeking in all kinds of experience, be such physical, subtle, or mental. With this recognition, one uses that powerful current, in an undiffused manner, to abide as the Self.  This recognition causes one to become one pointed in the quest of the Self.  By Knowledge of experience, one attains Liberation the experience of Happiness from the delusion of limitation of it by form & the ability to experience Bliss directly without delay. One must merge with That which Bliss itself, free of duality, for if the experience of Happiness is to be full, it must endure, &, if it is to endure, one must become One with it.  By Knowledge of the source of  Happiness, one becomes, & remains, completely detached.  Detachment is itself, free & blissful.  By such knowledge, one is liberated from the external, the inconsequential, & the unreal, & one comprehends the reason to inquire into the Self.
The desire for Happiness comes from deep within.  It is an intuition that Bliss is one’s natural state. This Bliss includes Peace with no bondage, & perfection with nothing incomplete.  The source of the desire is not from external phenomena of any kind.  It is not from objects, circumstances, other beings, & such. There is, therefore nothing alluring.  The source of the desire, itself is not a bodily; sensation.  It is not particular thoughts, though particular thoughts constituting images in the Mind may appear by which the desire manifests.  The desire itself is simply the urge from within to be in the natural state of limitless Bliss.  The intensity of the desire is continually surging forth. It cannot be subdued, & the attempt to do so would merely be an unsuccessful one.  It can be fulfilled by Self-Realization, which is abidance as Bliss itself.  Bliss is of the very nature of the Self & the Self is truly without any desire.  When the Self is not known & by delusion, the first suffering becomes possible, & when with the appearance of an "I", the natural seems lost, that very Bliss of the Self manifests as the intuition of one’s natural, true state, & this appears as the desire for Happiness.
The experience of Happiness should be comprehended in Wisdom so that one does not superimpose what is not actually the experience of Happiness upon it.  The joy felt anywhere, ever, is the shining of the Self.  Yet, in Ignorance, such is accompanied by superimposition of inert, unreal forms upon the experience.  When the experience is accompanied by the Delusion of imposition of forms, it appears as if momentary, limited, & dependent.  When the experience is without such delusion, the Self itself shines as vast, unlimited Bliss, which is self-existent.
Happiness is always a subjective experience in which the Ego diminishes along with its attendant notions.  Thus because it destroys the Ego & those notions by the revelation of their unreality, leaving, the ultimate subject unconcealed, Self-Inquiry to know the Self yields the most profound Happiness. To set the experience of Happiness, free of limitation, the experiencer must be free of limitation, that is, free of misidentification with form.  Then, one abides in infinite, unending, intense Bliss, which is so intense that even the memory of Suffering & sorrow is erased.  All the superimposed forms are of a sensory or mental character.  The experience of happiness is not a sensation. such as seeing, hearing, etc.  It is not a thought or a collection of thoughts. Happiness is of a formless nature, shining at the same depth from which the desire springs, at the very source of Happiness itself.
The source of the desire & the source of the experience of Happiness are one & the same.  That source is within.  Unrealized, the source manifests as the desire. Realized, that source shines as Bliss itself.   Realization means Knowledge.  Knowledge is direct experience of the Self.  Such is Abidance at as, the very Source of Happiness.  The Self is the Source of Happiness.  Nothing else is the Source.
The Self is Bliss.  The experience of it is determined by Knowledge.  No other factors are involved. Seeing this is the dawn of Knowledge. To conceive otherwise is delusion.  Objects, circumstances & events, sensations, & time are not factors determining the desire, the source, & the experience of Happiness.  The Self, which is alone the Source, is always present.  Self-Knowledge is the sole factor determining Bliss.
Therefore, the search for Happiness is actually a search for the Self.  The Self is the source of Happiness, the “place” in which Happiness occurs, & the nature of the experience of Happiness.  The Self is always present.  Self-Knowledge is its revelation & not its creation.  The Knowledge of the Self is the blissful Knowledge of Reality.  Bliss is Being, which is ever-existent, as Existence itself can never cease to exist.  Bliss is, therefore, always present, & all that is required is to know its existence within Oneself.  All that is required for permanent, profound Happiness is to know the nature of Being."
More will be offered on the Container Coordinate Space analogies, but for the moment consider the following: [To play the "devil’s advocate" for a moment, one might ask [for lack of paying attention]: "what’s with all this ‘graph’ stuff, what does that have to do with the No-Me Teaching of Non-Duality ?"]
The point is to offer one of a number analogies to drive home the relationship between the Ego-Reference & all thoughts, including those of the World, etc.  Any thought & specifically any part of the World must seem to "be" for someone, must be "in relation to" someone, some Individual, some Ego. Subject & Object are connected, the relationship is "built in".  If a "graph" or any other device can help anyone’s [& not necessarily everyone’s ] intuition regarding this vital understanding, then the effort is worthwhile.

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