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Sri Ramana Maharshi

Feel that all of whatever you have thought of in Life exists is proof of the Existence underlying That. Thought is not proof of what you have thought of, but is proof that there is an invariable Existence that does not diminish, no matter how much you lend its reality to whatever you think. Pure Existence is quite beyond thought. Not one idea applies to this Pure Existence.

To be absorbed in Reality, free of the Mis-identification with thought, this is to know the Truth of your own Existence. One need not be concerned with whether the thought exists or exists not.  In our Self-Inquiry, let our focus be upon distinguishing our Identity from, & freeing our Identity from whatever is conceived. That accomplished, the Unconceived remains, which is Self-luminous. This Self remains as itself. This is absorption in the Self as referred to by the Sri Ramana Maharshi, Existence just by Itself.

The "state" of Self-Realization (not really a state) consists of  True Knowledge.  Reality always exists &, by its own True Nature, is perfect Fullness (sarvam) always. That the Self is everpresent is self-evident for nonexistence of oneself is not known by anyone, ever.  The Reality of the Self is un-changing & un-changeable, & what changes is not real, but is only Illusion or misperception of what is real.

What truly exists is un-changing & un-changeable, That One & Alone, there is nothing else to alter It. If blissful Reality were not completely experiential at any time, this would not be due to a change in the un-changeable Real Self.  But neither would the same apparent change be due to "eternal factors", for such would have no real preceding Cause.  The change, the lack of completely blissful experience only appears due to an Ignorance that actually has no existence of its own.  All actually belongs to, actually is the un-changing Self. 

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There is no Creation, no Destruction, no Bondage, no longing to be freed from Bondage, no striving for Liberation, nor anyone who has attained Liberation. Know that this to be Ultimate Truth.
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