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[The Teaching  of Non-Duality has been adapted from Master Nome, disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi.  Sections appended below derive from Sri Ramana's Teaching.]

That which yields Liberation is that which brings about remaining without the Ego-"I"-notion  That which yields Liberation uproots the suppositions about the Individual, the World, & God.  Abandon the previous conceptions, the root conception being the Ego-"I".  Otherwise, the basic causes of Ignorance or Delusion are still there.  Actual Knowledge of your Self is necessary for Self-Realization. In the state of Self-Realization, Sri Ramana Maharshi says, "the World is not seen."  The World is "not seen" means that it is not experienced at all. So, there can no longer be any doubt regarding whether it is real or false, made of consciousness or inert, or is a place of suffering or a place of happiness. All such disputes, or thinking, depend upon the idea that the World exists. Sri Ramana says, "the world is not seen" is the seeing that "there is no World".

The Universe has no separate existence because for the Self is all in all at all times & is undifferentiated.  The Self is transcendent of the Form of all, but the Ego gives the deluded, wrong view of Duality. The Body is not one's home, for the Self is unborn & bodiless. But the Ego gives the deluded view of the Self & the Body as knotted together. Bliss is of the Eternal Self.  But the Ego gives the deluded view that Happiness is not here, not immediate & ever present as Pure Existence itself, & must be elsewhere.  The Ego appears as the knot between "Form" & the Self  which is of the nature of pure Existence-Consciousness-Bliss.  The Formless Self, Brahman, alone is ever the solitary Reality. But the Ego gives the deluded view of existent Form, of something "other "existing, of a " 2nd ".  With Self-Inquiry to determine its nature, the Ego, with all that depends upon it, "vanishes" because it is unreal.


Even after having heard this Truth, one does not remain content because samskaras [innate mental tendencies] have not been destroyed. Unless the samskaras cease to exist, there will always be doubt & confusion. All efforts are directed to destroying doubt & confusion. To do so their roots must be cut.

Their roots are the samskaras. These are rendered ineffective by practice as prescribed by the Guru.  The Guru leaves it to the seeker to do this much so that he might himself find out that there is no Ignorance.  Hearing the Truth [sravana] is the first stage.  If the understanding is not firm, one has to practice reflection [manana] & uninterrupted contemplation [nididhyasana] on it.  These 2 processes "scorch" the seeds of samskaras so that they are rendered ineffective. Some extraordinary people get unshakable jnana after hearing the Truth only once. These are the advanced seekers. Beginners take longer to gain it.

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There is no Creation, no Destruction, no Bondage, no longing to be freed from Bondage, no striving for Liberation, nor anyone who has attained Liberation. Know that this to be Ultimate Truth.
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