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Going Beyond Some Basics part 1                                                                                         [instead of "Going Back To Some Basics part 6"]
The real point of the Coordinate Space model is to illustrate the crude simplicity of our "big" ideas about the Mind, Time, Space, & the World.  They are really all the same Idea, regardless of dimension 1, 2, 3, 4.  Likewise the 0-D Reference Origins [Ego-Me, Now, Here] are all essentially the same.  Imagining some "Other", the internal image starts out as a vague Space of limitless extent, tenuous substance, & identical basic structure in each case.  First there is always the vague Space: Mind, Time, Space, & the World.  Except for the World, each Space-idea has an infinitesimal Center, a 0-D Reference Origin: Ego-Me for whom all the Thoughts are; Now dividing & measuring Past & Future: Here as the reference for where ?how far ?, & so on.  But as an infinitesimal Center of 0-D, each Origin is a undefined assumption, indescribable, & ultimately imaginary.  In any case the 0-D infinitesimal character leaves them all largely the same.  Now & Here are indicated by My location in Space & Time.
Referenced by each Origin, the analog, somewhat Non-Dual quality of each Space continuum [especially Mind, Time, Physical Space] is broken into a discrete spectrum of Coordinate Points: Thoughts, Moments, Locations, & even Objects for the World, each Coordinate Point defined, measured, & referenced to its respective Origin. The pattern is simple & all the same for each case.  They are not actually different ideas, though we take them to be so.  And the simplicity is marked: vague Space continuumdiscrete Points, singular Origin.  That’s it.
And when we long at the grosser, more applied Idea of the World, we however find no infinitesimal Center, a 0-D Reference Origin, but all Objects [the Coordinate Points] are referenced to the Body which is therefore a Macro-Origin of 3-D itself, rather than a 0-D Origin Point.  As a little World in itself, the Body distinguish the "outside" World from the "inside" of that Body.  And so the Body is also a Mini-Container Space, finite instead of infinite like the World, Space, Time, & Mind.
But now upon looking again, we see a key Macro-Origin / Mini-Container in all the other Coordinate Space Ideas as well. For Mind, there is the special inner collection of Thoughts that I could call my Personality.  More simply, around Now, there is my Lifetime as a Macro-Origin / Mini-Container by which to measure grander scales of Time, or to isolate that life time of special concern.  Around Here we likewise have my Vicinity, & of course for the World we have the Body as a Macro-Origin / Mini-Container without an infinitesimal 0-D Reference Origin.  But again, it’s the same for each Space Idea, even though now the Macro-Origin / Mini-Container concept is a bit more complex that the Container Space, the Reference Origin, & even the somewhat more subtle Coordinate Point Idea.  Including these remarkably similar Coordinate Points [Thoughts, Moments, Locations, Objects] with the Macro-Origin / Mini-Container concepts [Personality, Lifetime, Vicinity, Body], it turns out to be truly remarkable how much the same these 4 Ideas actually are.  This extension of the idea of "Other" replaces the vast infinite Self with an infinitesimal 0-D Reference Origin, starting with the Ego.
If this analysis helps a single soul see through the Ego & World illusion a bit faster, the effort is well worth it.  For now we continue Master Nome’s discussion to the World Idea, starting now with the Senses by which the World is perceived. But we neither touch the World nor even the Sense, but only the Perceptual Thoughts in the Mind which well be Master Nome’s topic after the World.
Those who would know the Self by Knowledge, cease to regard the Senses as the measure of' Reality  & of the Self.  This non-sensory Knowledge reveals the Self’s freedom from the Senses & sets one free of the limitations of the Senses.  Those who know that there is neither permanence of the Senses nor Happiness via them, who do not equate pleasure with Happiness, or pain with sorrow, but recognize thst Happiness & sorrow are determined by Knowledge of the Self & Ignorance, respectively,  They desire to experience the spiritual Truth beyond the Senses, take recourse to the Inquiry to know the Self.  By such Inquiry, there shine Knowledge that the Self is innately transcendent of the Senses & not bound by the Senses in any manner.
The Knowledge of the Self is itself free from the limitations of the Senses, as is the Self itself, & those who abide in this Knowledge remain unmoved by whatever happens to the Senses. By the Knowledge of the Self, which is the Knowledge of Reality, one brings about the destruction of the foundations of the delusion of believing in the existence of an external World. 
Know that the Senses do not & provide Happiness.  Know that attachment to the Senses or their objects is Bondage.  Know that the Senses are neither Bliss nor Immortal, & that the purpose of Life is not fulfilled by any kind of Sense experience.  Know that Liberation is not any kind of sensory experience & that Realization is not any kind of Sensation, not an increase of Sensation, & not a decrease of Sensation. Freedom from the Senses must be firm & natural for there to be Realization. This necessitates the Knowledge of the Self’s transcendence of the Senses.
The Self is Infinite Consciousness, unchanging Being, perfectly full of  Bliss, Vast & Space-like,  Formless & unconditioned.  Of immense silent Peace, ever-shining & motionless is the Self.  Without it actually occurring, there is imagined the realm of objective experience, manifesting as the World perceived by the 5 Senses.  There appear to be 5 kinds of Senses with their corresponding 5 kinds of Sense objects.  Within the realms of the Senses, a great variety of sensations & an apparently uncountable number of sense objects arise.  These are the Sense experiences of living beings which are differentiated from one another by means of mis-identification with the Body.  Like the surface ripples & foam on the waves in the ocean of Consciousness, like clouds in the sky of pure Being, so are the Senses. The Self is Being-Consciousness. To confound the Self with any or all of the Senses, in any way, is Ignorance.  Freedom from mis-identification with the Senses is Knowledge.  Since Knowledge is Liberation, & since one seeks to know Reality & not create it, for it always is, therefore, one should discern clearly the Self, its innate freedom from all the limitations of the Senses.
The Self is singular & indivisible Existence. The Senses are multiple & divided. The Senses themselves are objective, the known, just as the sense objects are. The Self is non-objective, ever the Knower, of the nature of Existence-Consciousness.  So, how can the Senses be considered to be the Self ?
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