Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Going Beyond Some Basics part 4 - a short, quick deep comment
Many spiritual aspirants "work on the Ego" to complete its erasure [Maharshi's term], as if it were an Abnormal  Psych "complex"  like a 2nd or 3rd  Personality in a schizophrenic.  But Self-Inquiry, along the lines of searching out the Ego, is essentially complete when thoroughly discovering that the Ego just isn't there, & never was.
Likewise brief, after a few days break [& just before another break] is this last "Life Force" installment from Master Nome's discussion.  Longer topics & installments follow in a few days.
The Prana depends upon the Self.  The Self does not depend upon the Prana.  There are ways, such as those known by some yogis. to alter the Prana or its functions.  The Self is unalterable Being & immutable.  One cannot modify Being, & one cannot st& apart from Being to attempt to modify it.  So, how could Prana be equated with the Self ?
The Life energy is ultimately transient, whether viewed as one’s bodily Life-energy or as all the manifest Life energy.
The Self is that which is Eternal.  There is no time when one begins or ceases to exist. This Self which is Absolute Being, ever is as it is.  So, how could Prana he equated with the Self ?
Therefore. the Self is not to be identified with the Prana, the Life-energy & does not bear the Prana as an attribute.  The Self is free of Prana & all that manifests due to Prana.  May there be this unwavering Knowledge   May there be this immortal Knowledge of the timeless Self & Liberation from the illusions of Life & Death.  May this eternal Realization be.
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