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Reality 121

As a result of comprehending the Non-Dual Teaching, one is liberated from the illusory connection to the Body & what is mortal. The fusion of the desire for Happiness & the desire to exist results in one being endowed with a singular focus upon Self-Realization. This enables one to practice the Inquiry to know the Self with the power of undistracted
Fullness & Perfection, the unceasing Bliss, reside in That which neither rises nor sets, which neither begins nor ceases. The experience of Happiness is connected with the desire for Eternity. No one desires a Happiness that will cease. Rather, the desire is for Happiness that will not cease & is forever. The desire for Immortality is as strong as the desire for Happiness. The 2 are inextricably woven together. Just as no one wishes to be unhappy, so no one wishes to cease to exist, though one may wish objective appearances, such as the Senses, the Body, & the Thoughts to cease. All with to continue forever. This is an intuition of the true nature of Existence.

The desire to exist cannot be fulfilled externally in bodily forms. The true state of Being, when it is unrealized & delusion is present, manifests as the desire for this or that to last. Realized, the Self itself is the un-born & the un-dying. The Self abides in the state of imperturbable Peace, completely detached & non-dependent on anything else. The Self is transcendent of the entire Universe for all Time. The desire to endure springs from the deepest & it is fulfilled solely by realizing the deepest, which is the eternal Existence of the Self.

Immortality is complete Happiness, for the essence of both is the same, & only that which is unending is complete. The transitory is not complete, & that which is Suffering is not Eternal. The Realization of the Self is blissful Immortality. It is Abidance in & as That which has no beginning or end. The desires for Happiness & Immortality are the same. They come from the same intuition of Truth of the Self. Only Abidance as the Self, which is the Reality, fulfills both.

The Self is That which has no beginning or end & is That which is Real or truly existent. The Self is changeless. Whatever has a beginning or a change & an end is unreal. The “being unreal” may be understood as being utterly non-existent, or as the Existent entirely mis-perceived. To experience blissful Immortality, one must realize the Existence of the Self as it really is; one must abide as the beginningless & endless, as the changeless. The Knowledge of the Self is the Knowledge of the Eternal, the unchanging, & the completely blissful. It is the Knowledge of Reality. This is the only true Perception. To see anything else is to see the non-existent. That is Ignorance. Ignorance is composed of assumptions & superimpositions. It is the non-perception of Reality & the mis-perception of Reality. That displays itself as the non-seeing of Real, Non-Dual Being & the hallucination of Duality or Multiplicity. The knowing of anything, be it gross (physical) or subtle (mental, etc.), without the Knowledge of the Self, is simply diversified Ignorance, or diversified Illusion. In the Knowledge of Reality of the Self, there remains neither Multiplicity nor Duality, nor anything else.

One Formless Existence is with no differentiation whatsoever. One Formless Existence appears as if it were all this multiplicity. All the multiplicity is only the one Formless Existence imagined as such.

To realize the Truth, for the Truth to be Self-revealed, one should abandon Ignorance, multiplicity, the transitory, & the illusion of form, & abide as the Formless, which is Real, Non-Dual, & ever-existent. This Abidance is Knowledge. The destruction of Illusion means the destruction of Ignorance regarding the Self, or the destruction of mis-identification. Such is the destruction of Suffering & the end of Death. This is blissful Immortality. It is simply the vanquishing of Ignorance. By the Truth being revealed within, mis-identifications, or superimpositions are destroyed. By the destruction of mis-identifications, or superimpositions, Truth is revealed within.

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"There is no Creation, no Destruction, no Bondage, no longing to be freed from Bondage, no striving for Liberation, nor anyone who has attained Liberation. Know that this to be Ultimate Truth."

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[A brief note of explanation  the other Blog noted below is entitled "Non-Duality & Science", & so the more Science oriented pages (from what I like to think of as a "comic book") have been posted there, while other chapters have been posted here. Science is a mental discipline that attracts some worthy admirers & participators.  Some of these, too few, are good prospects for the ancient teaching introduced here in many ways.  Otherwise certain Science topics like the Anthropic Principle, reinforce the general Theism which is a good idea in this materialistic age. A few other topics in Science, such as the Copenhagen II  Max Born  Von Neumann  Wigner model of Quantum Mechanics, are worthy entries to the extent that they introduce Consciousness into the physical Sciences. All that aside, the real topic here is the pinnacle as Advaita Vedanta, Non-Duality  that pinnacle being Ajata Vada, NoCreation. The great Teachers of the same include Sri Shankara & Sri Ramana Maharshi.  Both would support Theism in general & adaptations of Vedanta, such as Vishishtadvaita Vedanta  Qualified Non-Duality, for those not making headway in Ajata Vada, their present course of growth might be better served with a temporary involvement in Qualified Non-Duality. The scientist who perhaps best expresses the influence of Qualified Non-Duality in Science, for instance, would be the quintessential "NewAge" Quantum Physicist, Amit Goswami. And so to that source, & the Quantum Activism he currently advocates [with a 1course  degree program], along with more than a half-dozen good books & former participation in the controversial What the Bleep movie, to him I extend enthusiastic endorsement, for that Qualified Non-Duality described in the context of Science.  I do not stand so much "with him", as much as nearby saluting his good work. Again, as here, the goal is inserting Consciousness into Science & "saving the World."]

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