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Reality 02
                                                   Ramana's disciple: Master Nome 

Reality is non-objective.  In a sense then, Reality is more subjective.  But "subjective" strictly means the opposite pole to "objective".  But if there is no objective there is no opposite pole, no pole at all.  "Trans-subjective" might be one way of expressing it, or again simply non-objective.

The most inward sense or experience of  "I exist" somewhat describes this non-objective Reality.  On the other hand, all that is objective is a thoughtform.  Thought in aggregate is considered to be a defined Mind.  But neither thought nor Mind subsist in Consciousness, being passing bits of "nothingness", & only the underlying or sole existing Consciousness, Reality continues.

What about the World?  What about a Universe?  The World or Universe is made up of objects, just like those around us.  Each objects is assumed to emit or reflect signals: light & color, heat, texture, shape, form of various kinds.  But each potentially Sense– signal is only assumed to be there, just as the objects are assumed to be there, because of the Sense experience excited by those signals. 

Looked at closely, however, the Sense experience is a matter of nerve signals.  Nerve signals are matter of electrobiochemical interactions.  These are ultimately relayed to a Brain consisting of more nerve cells.  And the entire electrobiochemical result is considered by some to be the "physical representation" of thought.  But this is only an assumption. 

The thought we know is not physical.  Now the thought we know is however in Time.  But Time itself is a thought when carefully look at.  If not being contemplated or pondered, a thought has a beginning & an end, with a middle between the two.  If being contemplated or pondered, beginning of the thought would itself be a thought.  The end of the thought likewise.  With that not being the case, the beginning & an end are not made of anything. In any case, the middle of a thought could not be said to be anything either except Consciousness itself. 

Putting aside the inexplicable, passing "nothingness" of thoughts, all that we can be sure of is Consciousness.  Not thoughts, not Senses, not Sense signals, not form, not objects, not World, not Universe, only Consciousness. 

What makes thoughts apparent is their limited duration in Time, & the fact that each is a "dyad" a "dipole" of objective thought & reference "me".  A thought of "bad" is bad for me; good for me; near me; far from me; important to me; etc.  More of this Egome at a later point.

If just a bunch of words, the foregoing could feel kind of empty & out of touch with the vividness of experience.  But that stray thought would only be based on the assumption that the "objective realm" is active actually real.  We could never prove that were so.  And as will be developed in following installments, there are strong indications for trusting that the objective realm is simply not there.  This just has to be put aside for later examination.  In any case, the vividness of experience is always in the formless non objective, because there is no objective realm.

So all of the existence is the Existence of Reality.  All experience is Consciousness.  All that we want is the Bliss, the Happiness, the Love that is identical with Existence & Consciousness, which is Reality.

Even when we feel lacking in what we want, the clear reference goal of perfect Happiness & Love is always with us, as a comparison to what we seem to have at the moment.  All that vividness of present Existence & Consciousness, of Happiness or happiness that is seems to be lacking, all that vividness is in the non objective, formless Consciousness – Reality.

Only if such be put posited in the objective realm, does it seem that the words hint at something empty & dry.  But actually the words hint at what actually is experienced, but not correctly understood.  Various points need to be supported & developed, as will occur in future installments.

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