Thursday, November 30, 2017

Reality 08

Within an illusory objective Universe, the Body is like the "token" on a game board, the representative concrete form of an false Individual.  The Body in the Waking State is considered to be composed of Matter, that in the Dream State, composed of Dream Matter. Or the same Dream Matter when seen from the Waking State is clearly composed of thought. 

In fact in whatever State of Mind, Waking or Dream, the Body is composed of thought. In the Deep Dreamless Sleep State, there is no Body, there is no Mind, there is no World, and yet there is Peace & Happiness, such as is a topic for further consideration later. 

The Body houses the Brain which is considered to be the source of the Mind, in the objective point of view.  The Body also houses the Sense organs which are thought to perceive Sense data.  The Sense data are said to make us aware of Objects.  But only the Sense data, the Senseperceptions themselves are directly experienced. 

The Body is born, ages, suffers, enjoys some Pleasure, & dies.  Without the Body there is no physical Pleasure or Pain, lust, Craving, or Aversion.  Without the Body, there is no Individual Identity, for there is no boundary in what would otherwise be formless Mind or seeming Individual self. 

To discriminate the unreality of the Body, to break attachment to the Body, and to disidentify from the Body is perhaps the single largest step in the process of SelfLiberation.  The Desire for Liberation is the desire for Happiness, & this is what impels in the spiritually mature, what the drives the desire to transcend Identification with the Body. 

On the level of seemingly physical Sensation, one need not expect the Body to vanish or not otherwise diminish, other than in its natural course of aging, decay, & death, or accident.  But Identification with the Body is not only unnecessary, it is illusory & productive of Suffering.  The Body is a "bag of salt water", as it were, in a Universe of sharp objects, ever vulnerable & periodically the focus of suffering. 

Without the body there is no comparison to others, there is no winning & losing relative to others, there is no acquisition of material gain, acceptance, ordinary affection, & so on.  Without the Body there is nothing to hate, nothing to injure, nothing to lose.  The Body is not only unreal, it is an inconvenient, painful Illusion.  More will be said about Identification with the Body & its relinquishment through Discrimination & Detachment.

But just as the Dream Body vanishes upon awakening, so too does Identification with the physical Body vanish upon spiritual Awakening, Enlightenment, Liberation, Release, the goal & purpose of life, perfect & lasting Happiness. 

Without the Body there is no concrete physical Reference Point by which to know the objects in the Universe.  The Universe cannot be known without the Body as that Reference Point, without its included Sense organs which perceive the Universe.

The further confusion posited in the Brain, as a physical symbol of the Mind is a topic for a later installment

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