Wednesday, June 21, 2017

NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 10 a:
Prior to presenting a Consciousness-Meditation offered by some Ramana Maharshi disciples, we share some thoughts.
Notes from a (contemporary) Spiritual Diary
How can I be certain that my inner true self is spiritual, perfectly happy, complete, & even divine? For one assurance, there is the consistent, unchanging testimony of the Wise throughout all the millennia, in disparate cultures & nations.
Closer to home, for just one more of many examples or instances of assurance, there is my own growing interest in deeper Reality, & my own expanding ability to see & comprehend the subtle inner Truth.
Only the Real in me is attracted to the Real. Only the Real in me intuits & catches a glimmer of profundity.  Only the Real is capable of understanding Non-Dual Teaching in the many “secret” places in which it can readily be found.
Seek sincerely, reject ego-massaging half-truth, & be amazed at how fast & how deeply one can comprehend, can attain certainty. One can know with certainty, the inner, wordless answer to “Who am I ?”
How could it be otherwise ? Self-deception may have continued for eons & could continue for eons more. But the fa├žade of Illusion, Maya, can crumble in the snap of a finger. Let the sleeper awaken! Be at Peace in Joy, Freedom, & Happiness.
Our inner core, our Being, is actually the unflinching, steady, Knowledge that “I exist.” That Knowledge shines, not within some individual “consciousness”, in & as non-multiple, universal, Non-Dual Consciousness.
Illusory self-focusing down as if an “island” of personal ego-self-consciousness in some oceanic Universe, a RWOT real-world-out-there ­ that Dream seems to crumple my innate Vastness into a tiny bubble of personal identity.

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