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NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 11:
Prior to excerpting the other Ramana Maharshi disciple in the text below we continue the series: Fine-Tuned Universe 4, the premise that a small change in several of the dimensionless fundamental physical constants would make the Universe incapable of Life.
[In the unreal reflection called the "Universe", a product of an unreal Mind, even there, Infinite Intelligence is evident and inspiring.]
Fine-Tuned Universe 4:
We previously noted that formation of Hydrogen nuclei during the Big Bang, along with the Carbon and Oxygen atoms initially fused at the center of stars that exploded as supernovae; these Fine-Tuned "coincidences" allowed for solar systems and planets capable of supporting Carbon-based Life dependent on Water and Oxygen.
There has to be a critical rate of expansion if our Universe , avoiding all manner of "recollapse" so that even now, ten Billion years later, it is still expanding at nearly the critical rate.  If the rate of expansion one second after the Big Bang had been smaller by even one part in a hundred Quadrillion, the Universe would have recollapsed before it ever reached its present size.
The current age of the Universe must be old enough to allow for the formation of galaxies, stars and planets, and stars that fused Carbon and Oxygen. Quark masses were similarly Fine-Tuned as was the Electromagnetic Fine Structure Constant to allow for the formation of Neutrons, Protons and larger atomic nuclei. Variations in the Light Quark masses of more that 2-3 % would not support The formation of life-essential Carbon and Oxygen,  Big Bang Nucleosynthesis sets tight limits on the variations of the Light Quark mass.
Some more selected verses from the other Maharshi disciple:
Tayumanuvar, Tamil saint:
"My Guru merely told me that I am Consciousness. Having heard this, I held onto Consciousness. What he told me was just 1 sentence, but I cannot describe the Bliss that I attained from holding onto that 1 simple sentence. Through that 1 sentence I attained a Peace and a Happiness that can never be explained in words."
It doesn't happen by itself you have to go on making an effort until the point where you become totally effortless. Up till that moment your effort is needed. The Mind only gets dissolved in the Self by constant practice. At that moment the "I am the Body" idea disappears, just as darkness disappears when the Sun rises.
We have to walk on the Path ourselves to realize the Truth. If you want to go to somewhere, having someone tell you where it is and how to get there will not magically transport you to that place. You have to go to the airport and get on the plane yourself. You have to carry out the instructions the Guru has given you.
Grace shows us the way home by guiding us in the right direction, but we still have to do the work ourselves.
This "I am" Consciousness, is present within all of us. It is not something special that devotees of one particular Guru have. It is our nature, and as such it is common to all. But only a few souls are mature enough or ripe enough to be aware of it. Though it is present within all of us, Grace puts us in touch with it and gives us a taste of what it is like. And once that taste is there, the thirst to realize the Self follows.
If Inquiry into the Self is not taking place, thoughts will be on the Body and the Mind. And while those thoughts are habitually there, there will be an underlying identification: "I am the Body. I am the Mind."  This identification is something that happened at a particular point in time. It is not something that has always been there. And what comes in time also goes eventually, for nothing that exists in time is permanent. The Self, on the other hand, has always been there. It existed before the ideas about the Body and the
Mind arose, and it will be there when they finally vanish.
The Self always remains as it is: as Peace, without Birth, without Death. Through the intensity of your Inquiry you can claim that state as your own. Inquire into the nature of the Mind by asking, with 1-pointed determination, "Who am I ?"  Mind is illusory and non-existent, just as the snake that appears on the rope is illusory and non-existent. Dispel the Illusion of the Mind by intense Inquiry and merge in the Peace of the Self. That is what you are, always.
"Have you realized the Self ?" is sometimes a strange question to answer. It is like having somebody ask you if you have become a human being. You are always a human being. You didn’t have to do anything to accomplish it. You are self-evidently a human being, so much so, it is strange to field questions about it. If it is not self-evident then find out who you are. How does one find out who one is ? You will find out by constantly doing Self-Inquiry. Ask yourself, "Am I the Body ?  Am I the Mind ?"  When Self-Inquiry is deepened, you understand who you are.
If one is mature, one can realize the Self in this moment. If one is not mature one has to take up sadhana to make oneself receptive to the Truth.

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