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NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 4:
Knowing that our Mind possesses a great power of self-deception, we should suspect that the Body we take to be "I" and the World we take to be real in our Waking State is in fact be nothing more than mental projection, just like the Body and World that we experience in Dream. We may be able to point out differences between Waking and Dream, but we can note that those differences are superficial,
If we compare the World drama we see in Waking or Dream to a drama we see on a cinema screen, we may say that the drama seen in Waking is a better quality and more impressive production than that seen in Dream, but both thoughts, productions of our Mind which sees them.
In both states our Mind rises, attaching itself to a Body by taking it to be "I", and through the Senses of that Body it sees a World bound within the limits of Time and Space, and filled with people and other objects.
When we analyze our experience in our 3 states of Waking, Dream and Deep Dreamless Sleep, we see that we confuse our Consciousness "I" to be different things at different times. In Waking we mistake our present Body to be "I", in Dream we mistake some other imaginary Body to be "I", and in Deep Dreamless Sleep we mistake non-consciousness to be "I".
What we were in fact unconscious of in Deep Dreamless Sleep was our Mind, our Body and the World, but not our own Existence. Our experience in Deep Dreamless Sleep was
not that we ceased to exist, but only that we ceased to be aware of all the thoughts and perceptions that we are accustomed to experiencing in the Waking and Dream states. When we say, "I was unaware of anything", we say that "I" was in Deep Dreamless Sleep, that we existed and knew that we existed at that time.
Some more selected verses from the Maharshi disciple:
Ignorance is Ignorance of the Self, and to remove it Self-Awareness is required. When you come to an Awareness of the Self, Ignorance vanishes. If you don’t lose contact with the Self, Ignorance can never arise. If there is darkness, you remove it by bringing Light. Darkness is not something real and substantial that you have to dig out and throw away. It is just an absence of Light, nothing more. When Light is let into a dark room, the darkness is suddenly no longer there. It did not vanish gradually or go away piece by piece; it simply ceased to exist when the room became filled with Light. This is just an analogy because the Self is not like other lights. It is not an object that you either see or don’t see. It is there all the time, shining as your own Reality. If you refuse to acknowledge its Existence, if you refuse to believe that it is there, you put yourself in an imaginary darkness. It is not a real darkness. It is just your own willful refusal to acknowledge that you are Light itself. This self-inflicted Ignorance is the darkness that has to be banished by the light of Self-awareness. We have repeatedly to turn to the light of the Self within until we become one with it.
Bhagavan [Sri Ramana Maharshi] spoke about turning inwards to face the Self. That is all that is needed. If we look outwards, we become entangled with objects and we lose awareness of the Self shining within us. But when, by repeated practice, we gain the strength to keep our focus on the Self within, we become one with it and the Darkness of Self-Ignorance vanishes. Then, even though we continue to live in this false and unreal body, we abide in an Ocean of Bliss that never fades or diminishes. This is not going to happen in a moment because lifetimes of wrong and ignorant thinking have made it impossible for most of us to focus intently and regularly on the Self within. If you leave your house and start walking away from it, and if you continue this habit over many lives, you will probably be a long, long way from home when you finally decide that you have had enough and that you want to go back to where you started from. Don’t be discouraged by the length of the journey, and don’t slacken in your efforts to get home. Turn l80° to face the Source, of your outward journey, and keep moving back to where you started.
Ignore the pain, the discomfort, and the frustration of seeming not to get anywhere. Keep moving back to your Source, and don’t let anything distract you on the way. Be like the river on its journey back to the sea. It doesn’t stop, take diversions, or decide to flow uphill for a while. It doesn’t become distracted. It just moves slowly and steadily back to the place its water originated from. And when the river dissolves in the Ocean, river is no more. Only Ocean remains.
 Jiva [the individual self] came from Siva [the Absolute] and has to go back to Siva again. If there is a big charcoal fire, and one burning ember jumps out, the fire in the ember will soon go out. To reignite it, you have to put it back into the fire, back into its burning source. There is no happiness in separation. The Jiva has no Happiness, contentment or Peace so long as it remains a separate being. The separate being comes from the Self. It has to go back there and end there. Only then will there be Eternal Peace.
The energy of the Mind comes from the Self. In the Waking State the Mind functions as a separate entity. In the Deep Dreamless Sleep it goes back to the Source. Again and again it comes out and goes back. It does this because it doesn't know the Truth of what it really is. It is Self and Self alone, but its Ignorance of this fact makes it miserable. It is this feeling of separateness that gives rise to desires, suffering and unhappiness. Keep the Mind in the Self. If you can do this, you can live in Peace both while you are awake and also while you are asleep. In Deep Sleep all differences are dropped. If you keep the Mind in the Self during the Waking State, there will also be no differences, no distinctions. You will see everything as your own Self.
Bhagavan [Sri Ramana Maharshi]
"If the Mind be that eye, then subtle forms are seen; thus the seeing eye and the objects seen are of the same nature; that is.  If the eye be itself a form, it sees nothing but forms. But neither the physical eye or the Mind has any power of vision of its own. The real Eye is the Self.  Being formless, being the pure and infinite Consciousness, the Reality, it does not see forms."
The Self shines all the time. If you can’t see it because your mind has obscured it or fragmented it, you have to control your vision. You have to stop observing with the eye of the mind, because that eye can only see what the mind projects in front of it. If you want to see with the eye of the Self, switch the projector you that all is one and indivisible.

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