Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Mind & Happiness 53

Ramana disciple Nome

The relative Happiness & un-happiness that we experience in our Waking & Dream States are a distorted reflection of the absolute Happiness that is our true nature, & that underlies all our 3 States of Waking, Dream, & Deep Dreamless Sleep. We experience relative Happiness & un-happiness in the Waking & Dream States because at that time our Real Nature of Absolute Happiness is somehow clouded over & obscured.

What is it in the Waking & Dream states that obscures our Natural State of Absolute Happiness ? Why in Deep Dreamless Sleep do we experience perfect Happiness, untainted by even the least trace of un-happiness, whereas in the Waking & Dream states we experience only a mixture of relative Happiness & un-happiness ?  What is the difference between Deep Dreamless Sleep & our other 2 States that allows us to experience absolute Happiness in the former, but only relative Happiness & un-happiness in the latter ?

In Deep Dreamless Sleep our Mind is absent, & along with it all forms of thought are absent, whereas in the Waking & Dream States our Mind has risen & is active, thinking thoughts of innumerable different things.  When our Mind & all its thoughts are absent, as in Deep Dreamless Sleep, we experience perfect Happiness, whereas when our Mind is active, thinking one thought after another, as in Waking & Dream, we experience only a mixture of partial Happiness & partial un-happiness.  Is it not clear, therefore, that the rising of our Mind & its thoughts is what obscures our Natural State of Absolute Happiness ?

Even now, in this Waking State, our True & Essential Nature is Absolute Happiness, but that absolute Happiness is clouded over & obscured by the persistent activity of our Mind.  Therefore, since our mental activity is the cloud or veil that obscures from our experience our own inherent & natural Happiness, all we need do to experience that Happiness in full is to put an end to all our mental activity to cease rising as a Mind to think anything.

Since we experience perfect Happiness in Deep Dreamless Sleep due to the cessation of mental activity, we can experience the same Happiness even now in the Waking State, provided we refrain from all thought or mental activity. Since our Natural & Absolute Happiness is thus obscured by our Mind's constant flow of thoughts, which rise one after another in rapid succession, how in the midst of that flow do we experience varying degrees of relative Happiness & un-happiness ?  Since our activity of thinking is the cloud that obscures our natural Happiness, the more intense that activity grows, the more densely it obscures our inherent Happiness.

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