Saturday, July 21, 2018

Mind & Happiness 62

Throughout our Waking & Dream states, our Mind experiences an unceasing turmoil of desires.  One desire or another is always raging in our Mind. All our mental activity is driven only by desire.  Every thought that rises in our Mind is impelled by some desire, & every desire is a form of thought.  Desire & thought are therefore inseparable.

In the absence of desire, as in Deep Dreamless Sleep, there is no thought or mental activity, & in the absence of mental activity, there is no desire. The more intensely we experience a desire, the more active & agitated our Mind becomes.  Whenever our Mind is active, that activity obscures to a greater or lesser extent the Happiness that always exists within us.  The more intense our
mental activity becomes, the more densely our natural Happiness is obscured.  Therefore, since all our mental activity is caused only by our desires, is it not clear that desire is the sole cause of all our un-happiness ?

Whatever form of un-happiness we may experience, we can always trace its origin back to some desire that exists in our Mind. The raging of countless petty desires in our Mind is usually so intense that we fail to notice how they obscure our natural Sense of peaceful Happiness, & how the fragments of Happiness that we experience in the midst of all our restless mental activity result only from certain moments of temporary slackness in the intensity of that activity.

Often so many desires are active in our Mind that we are not fully aware of most of them. That is, because our Mind is usually so busy thinking so many different thoughts in such rapid succession, it often fails to notice all the desires that are niggling away inside it.  Only when a certain unnoticed desire is fulfilled & we experience the resulting feeling of relief or pleasure, do we actually become aware how strong that desire was & how much it was irritating our Mind.

For example, when our Mind is busy with some activity that engages its entire attention, we may not notice that we have a strong urge to go to the toilet.  Only when we go to the toilet & experience the resulting relief, do we actually become aware how strong our urge to do so was. The satisfaction of our unnoticed desire to relieve our self may be so intense that for a while we consciously feel a positive pleasure arising from our sense of great relief. In this way, we sometimes become aware of one of our desires, & discover how strong it is & how much uneasiness or agitation it causes in our Mind, only when we experience the Happiness that results from the perhaps quite accidental satisfaction of it.

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