Saturday, July 7, 2018

Remove the Reference

When we speak of an object as if it were at some Coordinate Point in Space, we conveniently defined "that" or "this" [Idam] in terms of a central Reference Origin with that subject at Coordinates (0, 0, 0).  This (0, 0, 0) Reference is the subject in Dualism, a subject which defines & is defined by the object in a given Perception.

But this Dualistic subject ["I"  aham] is actually only a subtler kind of object, an imaginary entity known as Ego, said to flit ghostlike "in front" of the True Self, Pure Consciousness, as an assumption deriving from the mis-identification: "I am the Body."  This Ego seems to support, & is supported by further derivative concepts, such as the mis-identifications: "I am the Mind", "I am in a World", I seek Pleasure & avoid Pain, I am of this gender, age, social class, point in the history of Time, located at this point in the Universe, with this life-time, with these desires, these fears, & the entire false Personality clustered around that central Reference Origin, the Ego.

Release of every personal tendency, [vasana]; release of every mis-identification, & so on, these "negations", these acts of Detachment   they lead to Egoloss which is concomitant with Liberation, Enlightenment.

As in an earlier blog, we find that removal of the Reference Origin Ego eliminates the underpinning, the definition of every object, of the Universe itself. The Non-Dual, Pure Consciousness that remains is everfree, & always was.  The Reference Ego never truly existed.  But to the extent that the Ego, the mis-identification, "I am the Body" seems to continue, then reduction & elimination of that Ego Personal mis-identification is the goal of Spiritual Practice.

The Self-Inquiry "Who am I ?", as taught by Sri Ramana Maharshi, is the foremost & final measure to be taken, the universal method of Awakening.

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