Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Mind & Happiness 59

Unless & until we know what we really are, we cannot be free from our desires, which arise only due to our mistaking our self to be what we are not.  By fighting our desires we can never get rid of them, because we who try to fight them are in fact the cause, source & root of them.  That which seeks to fight our desires is our Mind, which is itself the root from which all our desires spring.  The very nature of our Mind is to have desires.  Without desires to impel it, our Mind would subside & merge in the Source from which it originally arose.  Therefore the only way to conquer our desires is to bypass our Mind by seeking the Source from which it has arisen.  That Source is our own Real Self, the innermost core of our Existence, our fundamental & essential Consciousness "I exist".

Our Mind is a limited form of Consciousness that arises within us, & that mistakes a particular Body to be itself, & all the other objects that it knows to be other than itself.  In fact all that our Mind knows, including the Body that it mistakes to be "I", are only its own thoughts, products of its own power of imagination.  Therefore nothing that is known by our Mind is actually other than itself.  However, because it mistakes the objects of its imagination to be other than itself, it feels desire for those objects that it thinks will contribute to its Happiness, & aversion for those objects that it thinks will detract from its Happiness.

So long as we experience otherness or Duality, we cannot but feel desire for some of the things that we see as other than our self & aversion for some of the other things.  Because we mistake a particular Body to be our self, certain things are necessary for our survival & our comfort in that
Body & certain things are a threat to our survival & our comfort in it. As a general rule, therefore, we feel desire for those things that contribute to our bodily survival & comfort, & aversion for those things that threaten our survival or detract from our comfort.

However, even after we have secured all the things that we require for our bodily survival & comfort, we still do not feel satisfied.  Because we fear for our Future, we strive to acquire more than we actually require at present.  Because of our restlessness caused by our concern for our future Happiness and well-being, we seldom enjoy the present moment to the fullest, but instead think constantly about what we may or may not enjoy in Future.

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