Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Mind & Happiness 63

When a desire rises, our Mind becomes agitated, & that agitation obscures the Happiness which is our true nature.  When no desire rises, as in Deep Dreamless Sleep, our Mind remains perfectly inactive, & hence we experience not even the least un-happiness.  Therefore, if we were perfectly contented free of all desires & fears our Mind would remain perfectly calm, & hence we would experience in full the absolute Happiness that always exists in the very core of our Existence.

In reality, in the innermost core or depth of our Existence we are always perfectly calm & happy, no matter how much our surface Mind may be agitated.  All our agitation & un-happiness is experienced only by our Mind, & not by our Real Self our fundamental & essential Self-Consciousness, which is conscious only of our own unqualified Existence, "I exist".

Our essential Existence always remains calm & peaceful, just like the eye of a storm.  No agitation of our Mind can ever disturb it even in the least, because it is perfectly non-dual self-Consciousness, & hence it knows nothing other than "I exist".  No matter what our Mind may be doing, we are that is, we exist, & we remain essentially as our own Self-Conscious Existence, "I exist".  No amount of doing can ever prevent us from Existence.

Existence Being is what underlies all forms of doing, just as Consciousness underlies all forms of knowing, & Happiness underlies all forms of Love or desire.  Our essential Existence is Consciousness, & our essential Consciousness of our Existence is Happiness.  Thus our essential Existence, our essential Consciousness & our essential Happiness are all one & the same reality – the One Absolute Reality, which is our True & Essential Self.

Relative existence & non-existence, relative Consciousness & un-consciousness, & relative Happiness & un-happiness, are all only a distorted reflection of our own absolute Existence, Absolute Consciousness & Absolute Happiness.  Because we are distracted by all the superficial activity of our Mind, we overlook our own essential Existence, Consciousness, & Happiness, which are our own True Self or Fundamental Nature.  And because we overlook this Essential & Fundamental Nature of our own True Self, we mistake our Self to be the limited Consciousness that we call our "Mind", through which we experience our Absolute Existence, Consciousness, & Happiness only in their relative forms as the pairs of opposites: Existence & non-existence, Consciousness & un-consciousness, & Happiness & un-happiness.

Therefore, if we wish to experience complete & perfect Happiness, free from even the least taint of un-happiness, all we need to do is to know our own True Self as it really is.  So long as we experience our self as anything other than absolute Existence, Consciousness & Happiness, we cannot experience true & perfect Happiness.  So long as we continue to seek Happiness outside our own Essential Self, we will continue to experience only relative Happiness & un-happiness.

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