Thursday, July 12, 2018

Mind & Happiness 55

mythic primal Guru, Dakshinamurti

When our Mind is extremely agitated, that is, when its activity of thinking becomes very intense, we are unable to experience more than a glimmer of our inherent Happiness, & therefore we feel restless & unhappy.  But when our Mind becomes relatively calm, that is, when its activity of thinking decreases, we are able to experience our inherent Happiness more fully, & therefore we feel comparatively peaceful & happy.

Thus Calmness & Peace of Mind makes us feel relatively happy, while restlessness & agitation of Mind makes us feel relatively unhappy.  Is this not the experience of all of us ?  Do we not all feel peaceful & happy when our Mind is calm & at rest ?  And do we not all feel restless & unhappy
when our Mind is agitated & disturbed ?

The reason why we experience perfect Happiness in Deep Dreamless Sleep is that our Mind has then become perfectly calm & peaceful, having subsided by withdrawing from all its activity.  Since no thoughts rise in Deep Dreamless Sleep to disturb our Natural State of peaceful Existence, in that state we experience our inherent Happiness without the least obstruction.

Is it not clear, therefore, that Happiness is a state of Existence, & un-happiness is a state of doing ?  So long as our Mind is active or doing something, thinking one thought or another, we experience only a mixture of Happiness & un-happiness, & whatever Happiness we do experience in the midst of that mixture is imperfect, limited & relative.  We experience perfect, unlimited & absolute Happiness only when our Mind becomes perfectly still.

Our own essential Existence is therefore Happiness.  When we remain merely as Existence, without rising to think or do anything, as in Deep Dreamless Sleep, we experience perfect Happiness, untainted by even the least sorrow, un-happiness or discontent.  But as soon as we rise as this thinking Mind, we experience Restlessness, Discontent, & Un-happiness.

Since we thus experience perfect Happiness in the absence of all mental activity, as in our Deep Dreamless Sleep, is it not clear that such Happiness is something that is inherent within us, & that our mental activity is the only obstacle that prevents us from experiencing it in full in our Waking & Dream States ?

Therefore whatever limited Happiness we may experience in the Waking & Dream States when our Mind becomes comparatively calm & peaceful, is only a fraction of the Happiness that is already inherent within us.  Happiness is something that arises from within our self, & not something that comes from outside us. 

Why then do we think that we derive pleasure or Happiness from material objects & from external circumstances ?  Does Happiness actually lie in any material object or any external circumstance ?  No, Happiness is obviously not something that exists in any object or circumstance outside us.

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