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NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 114:
Ribhu Gita (Tamil) Ch 32:

Hence all differences due to mental delusion
Should be demolished completely
And the state of the Undivided Nature established
By always practicing the bhava (conviction, attitude) of the Undivided Absolute.
The bhava (conviction, altitude) itself will not arise in the Minds
That are not of an inquiring nature.
The non-inquiring Mind is the enemy because of which
People get submerged in the Ocean of Birth—Death cycle.

Knowledgeless non-inquiry is the abode of Ignorance.
It will hide from sight the Knowledge
That confer endless blessings.
Instead it will project an insurmountable imagination.
It will not let one abide in the perfectly full nature.
It is the seed, without a peer, for all overwhelming fear.
In a trice, it will accumulate sankalpa (concept, fixed idea) & vikalpa (doubt, difference, imagination)
And a million modifications of the Mind.

[selections based on Master Nome’s Self-Knowledge]

The known depends on the knower and does not exist apart from the knower. Consciousness can never be a known or unknown object.

Consciousness is self-luminous. None knows it. It knows all. It knows itself. Thought is only Consciousness, yet Consciousness is not thought. The world in the senses, the senses in the thinking process, thinking within Consciousness; Consciousness is vast and formless, this is the clear perspective. The origin of the universe is the origin of one's present experience. It is Consciousness. All things originate from That which is not a thing. All thoughts derive from That which is not any of them. That is formless, inconceivable Consciousness. 

There is no experience apart from Consciousness. Consciousness alone appears as all experience. Known as it is, Consciousness has no appearance whatsoever. That which illumines thoughts, sensory perceptions, and all experience is known by none of these. It is Consciousness, formless, and infinite. All experience rises, appears, and dissolves in Consciousness, which has no rise, appearance, or dissolution. He who knows the Truth of the Self has neither birth nor death, neither attachment nor fear, for he is one with Consciousness. First, see that Consciousness contains all that is ever experienced. Then, see that Consciousness is forever unmodified and there is no all for it to contain. Only Consciousness can know itself.  Nothing else can do so.

[based on the Maharshi's Teaching]

Knowing that our Mind possesses this wonderful power of creation & self-deception, is it not reasonable for us to suspect that the Body we take to be "I" & the World we take to be real in our present Waking state may in fact be nothing more than a mere imagination or mental projection, just like the Body & World that we experience in Dream? What evidence do we have that the Body & World we experience in this Waking state are anything other than a creation of our own Mind? We may be able to point out certain differences between Waking & Dream, but on analysis we will discover that those differences are superficial, being concerned with quality or quantity rather than with substance.  If we compare the World drama we see in Waking or Dream to a drama we see on a cinema screen, we may say that the drama seen in Waking is a better quality & more impressive production than that seen in Dream, but both are productions none the less – productions not of some external agency but of our Mind which sees them.  In substance, there is no essential difference between our experience in Waking & that in Dream. In both states our Mind rises, attaching itself to a Body by taking it to be "I", & through the Senses of that Body it sees a World bound within the limits of Time & Space, & filled with numerous people & other objects, both sentient & insentient, all of which it is convinced are real. How can we prove to our self that what we experience in the Waking state exists at all outside our own imagination, any more than a Dream exists outside our imagination?   

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