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[The Teaching  of Non-Duality has been adapted from Master Nome, disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi.  Sections appended below derive from Sri Ramana's Teaching.]

You can never actually be other than That (Brahman).  It is only Ignorance when you imagine otherwise. If you imagine there is an "I", then Multiplicity appears.  The Multiplicity is the triad of Jagat-Jiva-Paramatman: the Universe, the Individual, & the Supreme. These 3 appear as if differentiated from each other. Sri Ramana says that the best is remaining devoid of the Egoassumption. Then, those 3 are no longer 3. They were never actually 3, but they seemed to be 3. All Duality, Triads, & Multiplicity are a seeming appearance that has made no difference to the differenceless Reality.

The Mind cannot conceive the Self, yet the Mind has no existence apart from the Self. The Self can neither be accepted nor rejected by any of the Minds. That which cannot be accepted or rejected by the Mind is Brahman.  That is truly the "I".  Brahman & the Self are One. The Mind & its modifications, in the form of thoughts, modes, & states, are limited.  The Self, unlike the Mind, is not of limited knowledge, for Supreme Knowledge is its True Nature.  That Supreme Knowledge is unmodified Consciousness itself, which is the Self itself. The Self has no Ignorance, just as light has no darkness. It is also without change, without impurity, ever beyond conception, forever un-sensed, & never of a material nature.


The aham-vritti [Ego-"I" -thought, the sense of Individuality] does not function in the Self-Realized jnani at all.  The jnani's real nature is the Self itself, because he is one & identical with the Undifferentiated, Pure Consciousness that is truly Brahman, the Absolute, & there is no Brahman other than Consciousness.

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There is no Creation, no Destruction, no Bondage, no longing to be freed from Bondage, no striving for Liberation, nor anyone who has attained Liberation. Know that this to be Ultimate Truth.
  the “no creation” school of Gaudapada, Shankara, Ramana, Nome  Ajata Vada

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