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Essay outside of the NMT (No-Me Teaching) series 28
Some   Ramana Maharshi quotes:

Far from revealing Truth, words only darken & conceal It.  To let the Truth shine of itself instead of burying it in words; merge in the heart both word & thought.
 Never through argument, but only by abiding in the heart as pure awareness which lights up & shines within the Mind, can one enjoy the thrill, the throb, the Bliss Supreme of being the Self.
Even like a Dream this Waking World is but a Mind-conceived appearance in mind space.  Hence greatness lies in firmly ending indicative knowledge & the folly of fondness for outer objects.
Knowledge is manifold, say they who know objects, but not Freedom from the dire delusion of differences.  When the Senses 5, driven outward by desire are pulled back, then true, full Awareness comes, & there is no “other” to be known.
As in the Sky with thick clouds covered no eye can see the glorious Sun, one fails to see one's own Self when the Mind Firmament is darkened by a dense cloud of thoughts.
 The Sage’s pure Mind which beholds as a mere Witness the whole World is like a mirror which reflects the foolish thoughts of those who come before him. And these thoughts are then mistaken to be his.
 The learned man who, letting go the Self, the real Being, sees & cherishes this Dream, this false, illusive World, may be a scholar.  Something different is he who has gained the clarity of Knowing the Self; he is a Knower.

 Holding in their hands the mirror, the Scripture which declares “The Self alone is to be known”, many alas, study with care the text & commentaries; only few seek the Self & gain true life.

Based on the Teachings of a great Sage:

At the time of the actual experience, there was no such notion, there was Consciousness alone. There is really no such thing as a physical object & the World is in fact purely mental. Thus the World is nothing but Consciousness.  Let every object of experience be a pointer to Consciousness. Thoughts & feelings; they also bear witness to the presence of Consciousness.  Both the Seeing & the Object proclaim the Presence of Consciousness.  

The Mind cannot be fixed on 2 things at once, in other words there is only one thought at a time.  What we remember is previous thoughts, that is to say, we have a thought now that concerns the Past or Future.  But can we say that a past thought exists unless we now think of it ?  So what proof have we have that we ever had a previous thought, or that we shall ever have one in the Future ?  

We can only think of it now in any case.  There is indeed absolutely no proof that other thoughts exist.  There is in consequence no proof whatever that there is a Past or a Future or what we try to catch hold of & call the Present.  What alone exists is Consciousness: Time or Memory is quite illusory.  If there is any thought at all, there is 1 only; & if only 1, it is no longer a thought.  The deep understanding that Memory is simply a thought takes us as once out of Time into Pure Consciousness.
Calculus for Yogis, part 14:

Returning to FrictionDamping of HM Harmonic Motion, with Acceleration's 2nd
Derivative & Friction's Velocitydependent 1st Derivative (with a frictional Damping Coefficient b):

k x  = d x/ d t   d2 x/ d t2

we re-arrange into the Equation of Motion 2nd-order DE:

d2 x/ d t2    +    d x/ d t    k x   =   0

Instead of a simple Trigonometric wave solution, such must be Negative Exponentially Friction damped  as:

x (t)   =  A e–(b/2m)t cos (ω t    α)        for phase angle  α

For ωo, the un-damped "natural resonance" frequency, the slowing damped oscillation frequency starts lower acceding to:

ωo2 ω2   =  (b/2m)2

Among various amounts of Driving Force, F. that which largely "cancels" out the Friction is loosely considered a "resonance" but is more properly a "steady-state" Fo such that:

o2 ω2)2   +   (ωb/m)2    =   (Fo /A m)2

Actual "waves" have their Time & Space behavior related to wave velocity in terms of 2nd-order Derivatives (for simplicity, suppressing PDE notation):

 d2 y/ d t2    v2  d2 y/ d x2    where for example it can be that:   y  A sin ω (x/v    t)

The average energy  Eave of a "harmonic oscillator" in Classical Statistical Physics os given as  kT  for  k  being Boltzmann's Constant.  But Max Planck's "quantized harmonic oscillator" is that given by:

h ω/ (e–(bc / 2kT    1)    for  speed of light  c,  &  h  is Planck's Constant divided by 2π

In Quantum Wave Mechanics, the Radius Vector  r  replaces Displacement, & the wave-function  y(t)  gives way to the complex-valued Wave Amplitude:  Ψ(r,t) ; & Energy values are generated by the Hamiltonian operator H for the Schrödinger Wave Equation:

i h d Ψ(r,t) / d t   =   H Ψ(r,t)

The difference between the Classical 2nd-order Derivatives & the Quantum Wave Mechanics 1st-order Derivatives is "somewhat" reflected in the complex-valued Probability Amplitude nature of  Ψ which must have its absolute value "squared" to yield physical Probability values.

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"There is no Creation, no Destruction, no Bondage, no longing to be freed from Bondage, no striving for Liberation, nor anyone who has attained Liberation. Know that this to be Ultimate Truth."    the "no creation" school of Gaudapada, Shankara, Ramana, Nome  Ajata Vada

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