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Reality 11

Transcending the Ego through Atma Vichara, Self-Inquiry was described by Sri Ramana as "like gazing into vacancy or a dazzling crystal or light."  He added that: "If the Mind is distracted, asked the question: To whom do these disturbing thoughts arise that takes you back to the I promptly. At the end of practice the Mind returns to the present normal state."

"When Unity is replaced by a variety of phenomena perceived, this is called the outgoing Mind.  The Ingoing Mind is called the resting Mind.  The process exhibits feeling predominantly.  By force of will with strong faith in the Truth of the Master's teaching to that effect, all sorts of thought cease when the Mind is turned inward."

It is not that you become That, as if you had the power to break off from it & return to it at some later date, but, rather, That, the Absolute, is the solitary Existence always, & That is what you are. This is true to such an extent that you are not a part of it, nor is it a part of you, but rather the Self is the Absolute, & the Absolute is the Self; the Absolute is not other, & the Self is not other.                                                                                                              Master Nome

The Analogy of the "Snake & Rope"

Jungle environments provide cobras, asps & other poisonous vipers that terrify the human population to an extent that any elongated sinuous form like a Rope lying in a dark corner. Seeing through the understandable concept of fear, the jungle inhabitant cannot clearly see the true nature of the Rope. Seeing through the unnecessary concept of Ego, the Samsaric [typical less spiritual] being cannot clearly see the true nature of the Self, the Absolute Reality of Pure Being & Consciousness. Seeing through the fear, the inhabitant imagines a dangerous Snake where there is only a Rope. Seeing through the Ego, we imagine a World where there is the Self alone.

Unless the jungle dweller can release the assumption of a Snake, the false superimposition, it is not possible to perceive the Rope. Unless the individual can release the assumption of an Ego & a world, the false superimposition, it is not possible to perceive the True Self.  Dispensing with the Illusion of the Snake, nothing more is needed for the Rope to be clearly known for what it is. Dispensing with the Illusion of the Ego, nothing more is needed for the Self to be clearly known for what it is. Shining a bright light into the dark corner to illuminate the supposed Snake can facilitate recognition of the Rope.

Shining a bright light of Guru’s instruction & Self-Inquiry into the dark corners of the Mind to illuminate the supposed Ego can greatly facilitate recognition of the Self.  Rope –Snakes cannot be seen in broad daylight, nor Rope itself in thick darkness.

In broad daylight a Rope does not look like a Snake.  The Rope itself cannot be seen in thick darkness; so there is no chance of mistaking it for a Snake.

Only in dim light, in the dusk, in light darkened  by shadows or in darkness lighted by dim light does a Rope mistakenly seeming to be a Snake.

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"There is no Creation, no Destruction, no Bondage, no longing to be freed from Bondage, no striving for Liberation, nor anyone who has attained Liberation. Know that this to be Ultimate Truth."  

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