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Reality 34

Body (continued)

Continuing Checklist points demonstrating that the Self never connects with, never really relates to the Body.

Comparing & contrasting the Self & the Body (a continued partial Checklist):

(1) Location
a)  The Self is not located in a Body. The Self is not located in relation to a Body. That is the Self is not in or out of the Body.  The Self has no location.  Existence is neither a particular part of the Body nor confined inside a Body. If it were a spot or in a spot, the spot could be pointed out, & that very Form would be the Self, or would contain the Self.  But then the Self would neither be Existence or Real, neither Infinite nor Eternal, & there would be no Liberation from Bondage. Then the very declarations of the wise Gurus would become false.  This result & these causes are not reasonable.  The Self is not the Body & is not in the Body. There is no Birth or Death the Self.  The Self does not enter into or exit out of the Body. The self is not in relation to a Body. The Self is not in the Body now, nor is it out of the Body at some other time.  The Self is locationless

b)  If the Self would be located throughout the Body or in a bodily spot, such a location would be objective.  The Self, though nonobjective, & the nonobjective cannot have an objective location or other objective attributes.  If the Self were located in the Body, when that part of the Body underwent change or decay, so would Existence itself.  If that part of the Body would be lost, the Self would be lost.  The Self is always present. If the Self would be located throughout the Body exists, Existence would diminish and change as the cells of the Body change.  If one part were lost, even a single hair are cell, Existence would diminish accordingly.  This though is not so, for the self is changeless & ever undiminished.  The Self is not located in the body.  The entire assumption of being located in the Body, as if the body were a container of the Self, is simply not true.

(2 ) Modification, Possession, & Relation
a) The Self is ever as it is with no modifications what the Self is it is always.  The Self does the Self possess a Body.  For otherwise, the Self would always have the Body, which is not so. 

b) Possession of a Body is not in the nature of the Self, & the Self being Reality never changes its nature.  The Self does not have a body, as possession implies division or the Duality of the possessor & the possessed, & posits there relation.  Existence is Non-Dual & indivisible.  Existence is Absolute & infinite.  Existence is not in relation to anything. 

(3) Attribute
a) There is not anything to which the Self could have a relation, as a finite object might the Self does not have a Body, as an attribute can only be for a thing, and pure existence is not a thing.  The Self does not have a body.  In this lies the Self's great freedom.

b) The Body with its transience & change, is not an attribute of the Self.  The Body does not possess, or have as an attribute, the Self.  The attributes of the Body are not the attributes of the Self. 

(4) Form
a) The Self is formless.  The formless does not have a form in any manner.  The Self is Infinite & spacelike, ever the same, & bodiless.  The Infinite does not wear a Body, and the spacelike has no Form. 

b) The Body is a Form.  The Body does not possess the Self, & the Self does not possess a Body.

The Body cannot be equated with the Self.

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