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Reality 31

Body (continued)

Checklist points demonstrating that the Self never connects with, never really relates to the Body.

Comparing & contrasting the Self & the Body (a partial Checklist):

(1) Change
a) The Self is changeless Existence.

b) The Body changes continuously, even if this change is noticed only after some time.

(2)  Birth
a) The Self is itself the Absolute & is never absorbed into anything.  That with actually exists, always is.  That which can be absorbed, or which has a beginning & an end, is an unreal appearance, & ultimately does not exist. 

b)  The Body Birth, growth, & decay.

(3) Death
a) The Self is deathless.  There is no time when Existence is not, & nonExistence cannot even be imagined without oneself existing to imagine so.  If one Self did not exist at some point of nonExistence, who is there to know that nonExistence, & how can it even be spoken about. 

b)  The Body is transient & is subject to Death.

(4) Parts
a) The Self is partless, indivisible, inhomogeneous, pure Existence.  The Existence is beyond its name & more than just its name or designation.

b) The Body is a multiplicity of elements & organs, a conglomerate of cells, apart from which there is no entity that can be inferred to as a Body.  There are trillions of cells  with quadrillions of interconnections in nerve cells alone.

(5) Matter
a) The Self is immaterial.

b) The Body is matter. How can the Body is composed of matter, the very same that is contained in the food consumed, why should one regard that as oneself ?  Before eating the food matter is not regarded as oneself.  After eating, it is by Delusion regarded as oneself, provide it provided one does not regurgitate it.  After passes through the system of digestion, the remnants are certainly not regarded as oneself.  Similarly is it with the parts of the Body.  They regarded as oneself only so long as they are connected with the rest of the Body.  Snipping of the nails, cutting of the hair, even loss of a limb, does not result in identification with that missing part.  The mis-identification is thus arbitrary, & delusive layouts associated with proximity to the rest of the form of the Body. 

(6) Permanence
a) The Self is not momentary but permanent without a moments interruption.  Its Existence does not cease even in the absence of Perception. 

b) The Body is momentary. It endures but for only one Lifetime, at most.  It actually appears only in the moments of Perception. 

(7) Objectivity
a) The Self is non-objective & ever is the Knower. 

b) The Body is objective & always is only the Known. 

(7) Attributes
a) The Self is attributless Existence. 

b) The Body is known by its perceived attributes, apart from which there is no Body.

The Body cannot be equated with the Self.

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