Friday, December 22, 2017

Reality 29

Prana (continued)

Continuing Checklist points demonstrating that the Self never connects with, never really relates to prana.
Comparing & contrasting the Self & the Prana (a continued partial Checklist):

(1) Function
a) The Self is the immovable Reality of Existence & not a function.

b) The prana functions, animating the Body & the Senses in various ways.  The Self, which is Consciousness, remains as its Witness.  Prana cannot be equated with the Self.

(2) Absorbed
a) The Self is itself the Absolute & is never absorbed into anything.  That with actually exists, always is.  That which can be absorbed, or which has a beginning & an end, is an unreal appearance, & ultimately does not exist.  The Self exists & there is nothing else into which it can be absorbed.

b) The prana does not remain in eternally as it manifest, but at some time it is absorbed.  Prana may be said to be absorbed into the great universal prana, which in turn is absorbed in the Absolute.  It may be said that prana is absorbed in the Mind, which in turn is absorbed in the Absolute. 

(3) Change
a) The Self is the immovable Reality of Existence & not a function.  The Self does not depend upon the prana.

b) The prana depends upon the Self.  There are ways to alter the prana or is functions.  The Self is unalterable Existence & unchanging.  One cannot modify Existence & one cannot stand apart from Existence to attempt to modify it.

(4) Transience
a) The Self is that which is Eternal.  There is no time when one begins or ceases to exist.  The Self, which is Absolute Existence, ever is as it is.  Therefore the Self is not to be identified with the prana, the LifeEnergy, & does not have the prana as an attribute.  The Self is free of Prana & all that manifests prana.

b) The prana, LifeEnergy is ultimately transient, whether viewed as one's individual bodily LifeEnergy, or as all manifest LifeEnergy in the Universe. 

Prana cannot be equated with the Self.

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