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Reality 26

Senses (continued)

Also by reason of the Checklist points enumerated below, the Self never connects with, never really touches the Senses.

Comparing & contrasting the Self & the Senses (a partial Checklist):

(1) Multiplicity
a) The Self is singular & indivisible Existence.

b) The Senses are multiple & divided. 

(2) Objectivity
a) The Self is non-objective, ever the Knower, of the nature of ExistenceConsciousness.

b) The Senses are objective, the Known, just as the Sense objects are. 

(3) Change & Permanence
a) The Self is changeless, continuous, permanent Existence..

b) The Senses are changeful, discontinuous, & impermanent.  The Senses are lost, dulled, or altered in illness, old age, & death.  The Senses change during one's Lifetime, from infancy until the death of the body.  The Senses are changing all the time, transforming into dull & acute states, subject as they are to the 3 gunas the qualities of Tamas (inertia), Rajas (agitation), & Sattva (~ knowledge).  Each Sense takes a turn being dominant in fades due to a change of the Sense organ, the mental attention, & similar factors.

(4) the 3 States
a) The Self, Existence is always wholly Present, in Waking, Dream. & Deep Dreamless Sleep.

b) The Senses appear only in the Waking State.  With each State of Mind they change (Waking, Dream-senses. Deep Dreamless Sleep).  Upon the Death of the Body, which is not the Self, the Senses are lost entirely. 

(5) Continuity & Conditions
a) The Self is steady, selfexistent Reality, permanent, & not a function of some other thing.  The Self is steady, self–existent Reality, permanent, & not a function of some other thing.  It is Existence & not a doing or activity.  The Self is not determined by any conditions & is itself without any conditions whatsoever.  Part of the existence of Sense experience, which is the Self, is beyond the changeful appearances in the Mind.

b) Rarely are all the 5 Senses active, or experienced, simultaneously.  The Senses are just a momentary function.  The Senses are determined by conditions such as the condition of the Sense organ, & the environment.  As if a split in Consciousness there appears separately the Object & the Sense instrument used to know the Object.  This experience & the mental attention given to or removed from the Senses is dis-continuous.  From a higher view, in one in the One Mind, all 3 changing factors [object, sense-instrument, attention] appear to be determining the 5 sense experiences. 

The Senses cannot be considered to be the Self.

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