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Reality 32

Body (continued)

Continuing Checklist points demonstrating that the Self never connects with, never really relates to the Body.

Comparing & contrasting the Self & the Body (a continued partial Checklist):

(1) Continuity
a) The Self is continuous it does not commence at Birth, & it does not cease at Death.  Existence is not have the attribute of "living" or "dead".  Existence & the Knowledge of Existence are full & not partial.  Knowledge of Existence is not sporadic & does not move about to different parts of the Body, or of the Mind, or of the World.  The Existence of the Self is a constant background of the Body's appearance & disappearance, & likewise, of the entire Waking State, &, Deep Dreamless Sleep.

b) The Body is dis-continuous in several ways.  For the body there is Life & Death.  The experience of the Body is sporadic even in perception, with only one, or a few parts, limbs, or Senses experienced at any one time.  Never is one of where of all of it at once.  The Body appears only in the Waking State of Mind.

(2) Dependence
a) The Self is non-dependent Existence.  The Self exists, regardless of the Senses & corresponding thoughts.  The Self is directly & immediately known.  The Self is not known through something else. 

b) The Body is entirely dependent on Sense Perception or in order to appear.  The Senses depend upon the Mind.  There is no Body apart from these Senses & Mind.

(3) sense of "I"
a) The Self is the immovable Reality of Existence & not a function.  The Self does not depend upon the prana.

b) The Body has no sense of I.  The "I" belongs to Existence.  When the "I"sense is confounded with the Body, such is Delusion. The Self is then assumed to be a bodily being or an embodied entity. 

(3) Existence 
a) The Self is the immovable Reality of Existence. There is actual Existence, with its own unbroken continuity, the invariable, constant Knowledge that you exist.  

b) There is no actual experience of being a Body.  There are only Sense Perceptions, which are mis-construed in Delusion. 

(4) Memory
a) There is the timeless Knowledge of Existence, even in the Past.  The Self is not in Time & Space.

b) There is no Memory of being a body. Memory, is always only of something, objective, yet the object itself does not exist.  So the Memory of it is also unreal & cannot actually exist at the time of the Memory.  The Body is an illusion in Time & Space.

(5) Concept & Notion
a) The Self is self existent and not a notion or a product of a concept.  The Self is naturally, without effort, thought, notion, or becoming, anything other than what it is, the "I".

b) The notions of an existent body & that the "I"  is the Body are only Delusion utterly dependent upon the concepts of such. 

The Body cannot be equated with the Self.

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