Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Reality 27

Senses (continued)

Continuing Checklist points demonstrating that the Self never connects with, never really touches the Senses.

Comparing & contrasting the Self & the Senses (a continued partial Checklist):

(1) the Body
a) The Self is bodiless & is not part of the Body or associated with a location in relation to a Body, unlike the Senses.

b) The Senses are part of the Body. The Body is perceived only by the Senses & has no reality apart from them. Each illusion depends upon the other (Dependent Origination, BootStrapping).  Such Illusion is like the painting of a wall that is painted on the wall depicted when the wall itself has yet not yet been built. 

(2) Dependence
a) The Self is not a Sensation or a product of Sensations.  The Self exists as it is, innately independent of the Senses.  This is the highest state of Detachment.  As pure Existence, one is always detached from the Senses & thus, to the whole World.  The Self is not the Senses & is not experienced by the Senses.

b)  The Senses depend on the Self.  The Senses are capable of perceiving Sense objects only, & the Self is not a material object.  The Sensory experience is only that of Sensation, & not of a separate Sense & an object.  [This indicates that the Object's existence is not proven at all by the Senses, since the Senses only consist of a Sensation,.  The presumed existence of an Object that they "study" is an unfounded, unprovable assumption.]

(3) Eye of the Eye
a) The Self is the Eye of the Eye, unseen by the eye.  The Self, which is formless Existence Consciousness cannot be sensed & does not have Senses.  The Self is not some "sensing entity conceived as the nexus of all the sensations", but instead is ever Pure Consciousness.  The Self is allseeing but Eyeless.

b) In truth, the Senses do not exist.  The Senses are only a figment of the Mind, which is in the Infinite Consciousness.

(4) the Background
a) Upon the "background" of the Self, which is ExistenceConsciousness, the Senses, which are only thought of those Senses, are unreal principles that only seem to appear. The ExistenceConsciousness "background" is Reality, which is unchanging.  There is no actual creation of the Senses in that Consciousness.  By this Knowledge one remains identified as the Self & not identified with the Senses which are unreal.

b) The corresponding Sense Objects do not separately exist, but only appear to exist in the Senses.  The Senses vanish, leaving the "background" of ExistenceConsciousness unaffected. 

The Senses cannot be considered to be the Self.

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