Sunday, December 31, 2017

Reality 37

Mind (continued)

Thought can never conceive of the Self.  The Self is never an object of thought.  Thought always has an objective element in it.  The Self is ever non-objective.  There is no such thing as a non-objective thought, at since thought itself is always known & it is always the thought of something, be it gross or subtle.  The Self is never an object & can never be the known.  The Self is always Consciousness itself.  Therefore the Self is ever of the nature that is transcendent of thought.  The Self is not known itself is not known by thought, which means it is ever undefined by thought, & cannot be bound by thought, no matter what the thought is.

What is called the "Mind" is only the combination of thought & Consciousness.  That combination is an Illusion.  It is the Illusion of combining the ever Formless Self with the form of thought.

Consciousness is the Self & cannot truly be combined with thought, since the Self is Formless & will not change its Nature.  The Self is Infinite, & will not be added to, & the Self is Real Existence that cannot be combined with false appearances any more than a rope can be combined with the imagined snake, or the sand with the water of a Mirage.

What is casually termed "Mind" is only a collection, or movement, of thought.  The Mind does not exist as such, & the Mind is not an independent entity.  If thought is absent, there can not be said to be a Mind present.  Thought itself is inert.  When knowing Consciousness is confounded with thought, there arises the notion of a separate knowing entity called the "Mind".  Consciousness is the knowing aspect & is not a thought.  No thought is Consciousness itself.  Consciousness is the Self, & thus the Self is free from thought & free of the Mind.

The Mind cannot be equated with the Self.

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