Friday, January 26, 2018

Reality 64

The Self alone knows.  The which is objective, inclusive of the Ego, can have no knowing power.  For all that is objective is not Consciousness itself & is therefore unreal.  The objective & unreal cannot know themselves, cannot know each other, & cannot know the Knower.  The only Knower is the Self which the unknown Know of all that is known.  Though it cannot be known objectively, the Self is nonetheless known in Self-Knowledge devoid of the triads of knowing-knower-known, by the Self itself, which is the Self of the Sages who truly know.

The Self is the true Knower of Knowledge that is referred to in the Upanishad aphorism, tat tvam asi “Thou art That” & not anything else.  Anything else would be a mere superimposition on the real Self & would have no such Knowledge.  There is no other Knower. This is the all-comprehensive Knower, which is Absolute Consciousness itself, ever-free, homogenous, Non-Dual, & space-like.

This Knower is realized when the illusory objective aspect has been negated. The Knower can never be the known.  All that is known is subject to destruction, but the essence of the Knower can never not be

For Realization of the immortal Bliss of eternal Being, one should know oneself as the Knower alone, which is unalloyed, boundless Consciousness. In knowing the Self truly, one knows that Consciousness is never non-existent & never alters its nature.  Consciousness is never an experiencer, never a thinker, never a sensory perceiver, never a performer of action, or an individualized knower since Consciousness is without an Ego.

Thus, one who knows himself truly, knows, “I am without a Body, & I am not engaged in bodily action. I am without Senses, & I am not engaged in any sensing. I do not have speech; & I do not speak. I do not have prana; & I neither live nor die. I do not have a Mind; & I never think. I am not an "I", or an individual being & there is nothing I become.”

Such a Sage need not think that this is so.  It is so, & expression have merely been given to these truths to indicate that which actually ineffable & of the nature of silent Knowledge. Since the eternal Self is always of the nature of Consciousness, it is ever without Ignorance.  Similarly, the Self is without knowledge conceived as a state or mode of Mind.  The Self has no states or phases, & therefore, is beyond both Ignorance & Knowledge. The only true Knowledge is the Self, itself.

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"There is no Creation, no Destruction, no Bondage, no longing to be freed from Bondage, no striving for Liberation, nor anyone who has attained Liberation. Know that this to be Ultimate Truth.

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