Saturday, January 27, 2018

Reality 65

Consciousness is self-luminous. By the light of Consciousness, all appears.  When Consciousness disappears, Consciousness is still the same.  The known has no light of its own. Inquiring, one should trace the Light inward to realize that which is perpetually illuminating.  That ever-shining colorless Light illumines the Senses & the Mind, but can never be seen by the Senses, or envisioned by the Mind. 

Knowledge, or direct experience of this Light consists of the Identity with that Light.  Changeless, blemishless, ever-free, immovable, eternal, bodiless & imperishable, without Ignorance or Knowledge, the Self is of the nature of Consciousness alone.

Existence, the Self, is the sole, ever-enduring, Non-Dual Reality.  The aspirant can know Absolute Being or Brahman, only if the aspirant is identical with Brahman. The aspirant cannot know That if That (Brahman) is different from the aspirant. The Self, being Non-Dual Consciousness, cannot know anything or anyone other than Consciousness.  The Self, being the sole-existent Consciousness, cannot be known by another.  The Self alone can know itself.  

There would be no use for the countless descriptions of the Absolute by the Scriptures & the holy Sages if That, the Self, were other than one’s own Self. There would also be no use for the negation of all limited definitions if That, the Self, were other than one’s own Self.  For what purpose would be served by speaking of something that was never experienced by those Sages, those authors of the Scriptures, something could never be experienced by all ?

The negation of attributes & limited definitions of Brahman, as given un such spiritual instructions, must be understood to be the negation of attributes & limited definitions of the Self.  If the instructions are to be applied to oneself, those instructions involve the negation of superimpositions, of what is not the Self, upon the Self.

The descriptions of the Self & the negation of attributes & limited definitions of the Self would be meaningless if they referred to some sort of other “Self” different from the aspirant’s own self.  Such negations would further clarify that the Self is bodiless, non-sensory, without prana (“life force or energy”), free from thought, etc.

There are not 2 selves in the same one being (apparent person or human being).  There is 1 Self, & when known as it is, the Self is known to be Infinite & Eternal, not a limited individual being, but just Non-Dual Being.

To realize this, the Knowledge of oneself as the Self, free from the Body & such, this Knowledge must become as certain & steady as the belief of a human being that he is a human being. No human being doubts this on any occasion.

When that human being determines by Self-Knowledge what, in Truth, that Existence is, that Being exists, then Absolute Being is known. And if that Knowledge is without doubt & without wavering, one has thus known what needs to be known, has experienced what needs to be experienced, & has realized what needs to be realized.

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"There is no Creation, no Destruction, no Bondage, no longing to be freed from Bondage, no striving for Liberation, nor anyone who has attained Liberation. Know that this to be Ultimate Truth.

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