Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Reality 95Desire for Liberation   mumukshutva  [continued]

That which seems to extend between the Self & the Body, deludedly regarded as an Ego & illusorily manifesting as the Mind, gives rise to bondage. One should free oneself of that bondage, mis–identification, too. The Mind itself alone has the ignorance, as the real Self never has trace of ignorance or bondage whatsoever, & the Body has no ignorance, as well. The Mind alone has it, so it is said that the Mind should get rid of it or that one should get rid of the Mind. The Desire for Liberation arises in the Mind as the intuition of what the natural state of the Self is. This desire causes the Mind to examine itself, to relinquish its own imaginings, to destroy its own form, & to find its source or real nature.

"Indulgence of the Mind," mentioned by Sri Shankara above, is the pursuit & maintenance of the mental tendencies that are the substance of delusion. Desire for Liberation is contrary to them. To concoct any excuse, ranging from the idea that it is too difficult to the concept that there is nothing that can be done to realize, that perpetuates or validates delusion or bondage is indulgence of the Mind. To have unbreakable reasons to be free is Desire for Liberation. Lack of self-examination is indulgence of the Mind. Similarly, pursuit of Worldly desires & diffusion during Meditation is indulgence of the Mind. Freedom from forcing the Mind along the paths of such ignorance is brought about by Desire for Liberation. The Mind's stagnation in mis–identification with the Body is "indulgence." Freedom from such comes to those who desire Liberation. Following the whims of the Ego, fabricating & clinging to the Ego's opinions, & Worldly attachment are indulgence of the Mind. The Desire for Liberation opens a different path, the way to the blissful freedom of Self-Knowledge.

The rise of the Desire for Liberation within one is the beginning of the end of the Ego & its delusions. It is the motivation for sincere spiritual practice. It is the call of the Self to itself to be awake to itself. The surging higher of the Desire for Liberation makes the further development of the other requisites possible. It causes one to develop one's practice & brings one into deeper spiritual experience. The peak of the Desire for Liberation is to want nothing else & to place none of one's effort into the creation of ignorance. With Self­-Inquiry, it causes the veil of illusion to vanish like a mirage vanishing into nothingness.

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"There is no Creation, no Destruction, no Bondage, no longing to be freed from Bondage, no striving for Liberation, nor anyone who has attained Liberation. Know that this to be Ultimate Truth.

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