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Essay outside of the NMT (No-Me Teaching) series 3 & 4:

Consciousness  | Objective reality
private                  public
subjective             objective
inner                     outer
introspective        perceptible
ineffable               describable

Vision of the Self  part III:

Bliss–Happiness is experience upon giving gaining a desired object, relief / security, Deep Dreamless Sleep, &  between thoughts & the source & destination of all feelings.  Consciousness is self-luminous..  Selfishness, Egotism, sense-of-mine, & attachment are not mine. I am pure, eternal, Non-Doer, all Love, stainless, one-without-a-2nd, unconditioned, changeless, independent, without attributes peaceful, indivisible, perfect. 

Bondage derives from attributing reality to things that arise in thoughts.  Objects could not connect with each other –  being connected only with thought, the 2 (object – thought) being one & inseparable. 

"Words" alone divide Consciousness into things. Memory, a thought, cannot prove thought real. Mind knows Subtle forms – Thoughts, Vision knows Forms, Hearing knows Sound, touch knows feelings; Olfaction knows Smell; Gustatory knows Tastes.  None connect, except in Consciousness, but Consciousness only knows Consciousness.  Giving up all stands beside Consciousness – liberates.

World is only the knowing–mode in play, the "stand" taken up.  True experience of Self is without thought/object.  The self is Knowledge & Happiness.

Objects do not "cause" experience. Thoughts merge into Existence/Being.  Self is Consciousness, not the Body.  Self persists in between thoughts & in all 3 States.  Expansive experience derives from Self. Desire, bound with Time-bound objects, amounts to super-imposition of Self characteristics. Negative exclusion [neti, neti] cannot define, but only clear the way to the Self. 

Even discriminating Intellect is an object of Consciousness.  Each thought has an unreal beginning in Time, & a middle "made" of Consciousness.  The inner response to "are you conscious ?" is an experience of Consciousness without an object.

"I" can never be known.  Knowing something does not prove the thing Known, but only the Knowing.  Between all things. a background of Consciousness vs.Nothing remains   Consciousness–Self is without Duality, Multiplicity, Diversity, Variety. 

Ignorant ones need no recollection, practice, or perception of the Body to continue to "know he is the Body."  Without that false mis-identification, the Sage knows he is the Self, pure Consciousness without recollection, practice or perception. Self luminous Consciousness, unchanging, need not & cannot be experienced.  Manifest or not, Consciousness is his True Nature, & he is ever completely at ease.

Sense is a function, but succeeding Knowledge is not a function. The object is dissolves in & becomes Knowledge. Manifest or not, is his True Nature since it is a function, but succeeding knowledge is not a function, the object dissolves in &  becomes knowledge.  One is Knowledge & not the Knower, Perceiver, Doer or Experiencer/Enjoyer.

There is no Seen before or after, & truly not even during the Knowing.  Thought cannot connect with objects or other thoughts.  Along with Objects, the Subject, Body & Mind are the Seen & not close to being Real.  The Ego poses as "I" yet is false, but all up objects downstream are clearly unreal. Any reality attributed to the World with the its events & persons only deepens Body–identification.  Favorable & unfavorable developments in the "World" belong to the unreal realm of Matter, Objects, & the Body.

All change belongs to the Objective unreal World. Desire for Happiness points to the prior Eternal Nature of as Ananda. Fear of Death also leads to Attachment to social & financial success, health, contentment, etc. all reflect one's intuitive sense of Deathless Eternity. Transcending Time the Self can have no connection with the changing, Time–bound Objective realm. 

Freedom is naturally wanted because the Self is unconditioned existence.  Body connection  gives rise to attachment, attraction, fear, aversion, sadness, deceit, laziness, dependence – all derive from Body connection.  Love, Happiness, Freedom, Truth, Peace, Intelligence, courage, consistency, etc. all derive from the Self.  Personality, in all its forms, derives from Body identification. 

Always the Knower, Consciousness cannot be known,  Reality is beyond words which can only be pointers to It.  Consciousness can be contemplated indirectly as the sense of Existence; that "I exist".  Eliminating each "thing" from "I" [neti, neti], what remains as "I" is the Self.  "Consciousness", "Knowledge", "Existence", "being", "Happiness", "Bliss", "Freedom", point to the real "I".

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