Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Essay outside of the NMT (No-Me Teaching) series 5a:
Vision of the Self part IV:

Thoughts rise & fall in Consciousness, event–things rise & fall in Existence, all Feelings rise & fall in Happiness.  The Experiencer arises before &  after Experience, but not during.  Inversely, Knowledge &  Happiness can only arise after Knowing & Experiencing. Likewise, the Object, if there is one, the Object of experience, knowledge, & happiness of all kinds (of a lower order) is not in Consciousness during the experience. Cause & Effect are never independent, (cause appears in the effect), nor are either real. 

No Cause appears in Experience, which has no Cause, no Object. Merge thoughts into Consciousness. 
“I” is neither to Doer of action, Enjoyer (good or bad) of Experience/and – of/

Contemplating the nature of Experience, this brings about merger of Thoughts. Thoughts do not exist; appearing to exist, thoughts are only Consciousness.  Perception/knowledge = Mind taking the form of an object = "shining" on the object.

Such "modification" of Mind is witnessed by detached Consciousness – “I”.  Abiding as “I”, there is no Body, World, Senses, Mind, Ego.  Nothing ever came into Existence, nor is there a thought that anything ever did. 

Nonconnecting thoughts are not thoughts, nor are they in objects, nor are their objects real objects. The same applies to the "subtle" objects in thought. One cannot be inside the other. “I” is thoughtless, objectless, changeless, formless – a pointer to the Real. Past thoughts, karma, & objects cannot return or have influence.  Thought & action are neither simultaneous nor connected.  Ditto for 2 thoughts.  Mind is dissolved between thoughts & cannot know the Self there, or in Deep Dreamless Sleep. Mind directed to Self, loses its false characteristics. Look to the “I”–Self–Consciousness "behind" as the Witness, & then "in  front" in thoughts & feeling & their objects.  Consciousness is not hidden but is in all activity.

Consciousness stands "before the eyes" in Perception, & without any Perception.  With no experience of an object, there is only false "Knowledge" – falls because they can be no Knowledge of an object if it cannot be experienced.

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