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NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 38:

Prior to excerpting the Ramana Maharshi disciple, Master Nome in the text below we skirt around the Fine-Tuned Universe series to set the stage for another series in The Continuum.

[In the unreal reflection called the "Universe", a product of an unreal Mind, even there, Infinite Intelligence is evident and inspiring.]


We may think that 2 entities, principles, concrete or abstract, can be traversed as if they shared a single boundary.

But if we take a close-up at a touching point or shared boundary, we see that the “thin line” that makes up a boundary shared in common is a thin line with some width. With a front edge and a back edge, according to the direction traversed, there still must remain a “middle.”  This “middle” is itself a “gap” or sorts. Any actual gap between proximate lines works the same.

Expanding this mid-line gap now we must ask how that mid-space is traversed. Is that gap part of  A, or B, or nothing? If A how does it get to be B? If B already, it had no business being, or being in A. If “nothing”, then what happens in the “nothing”?

Can “nothing” be enough of a “something” for the transition to be defined, to continue, to exist in the interim?  A “non-existence” that never came to be, cannot be known, thought of, or rightfully spoken of. Only an entity with being, with existence can be known, thought of, or spoken of.

An absence requires that any hypothetical thought of “nothing” is “no thought” of a thing. The would go as follows. Thought by nature is evanescent and a “switch” between Thought and no-Thought readily occurs in the blink of an eye.

But if Thought were a “thing” that would imply some greater stability, so that there is no such switch. A non-entity on the other hand can of course have no kind of “switch” or anything else. So the negative “not” or “no” must modify the Thought rather than an impossible “nothing” that would be said to be it object. So Nothing is not something that we can have a Thought about, but is rather the cessation of any Thought about a “thing”. Hence supposed Thought about Nothing can only be “no thought” of any thing.

Another perspective can derive from a very concrete entity like an apple, for instance. I can choose to “not eat” a given apple, but I can never eat a “non-apple.” Absence of apple taste implies failure to eat an apple, not the success in eating a non-apple.

The vacuous, empty void “gap” thus cannot be crossed because it is purported to be a Nothing and a Nothing is only what does not exist, not what does exist as some non-thing. Since every distinction requires a boundary and every boundary has a gap in its middle at least, and if  a boundary cannot be real, neither can distinction or separation of any kind. There can be no  multiplicity, subject-object, cause-effect or other such dualities. They fail at the boundary, at the un-crossable “gap”.  Digitally numbered spectra entail the same paradox if mathematics is to hop from one number to the next. The continuum alternative brings in other difficulties when a multiplicity is to be described by the point-less and smooth, homogeneous continuum. Discrete spectrum or indefinable continuum, Math and Physics fall apart at their most basic “texture” either way.

Some more selected verses from the Ramana Maharshi disciple Master Nome:

Turiya or the transcendent state, is just pure Consciousness. Turiya is beyond the 3 states of Mind, & Turiyatita, Consciousness, is beyond the “the 4th” state. Consciousness remains as the one Existence which is in, & which itself is the Natural Innate state always.

None of the 3 states of Mind is consistent & ever-present. The 3 states are passing experiences. There are no aspects or phases for homogenous Consciousness, which is partless. Since it is Existence-Consciousness, the Self passes unaffected through those states, unmoved by the presence or absence of thoughts in any of their forms. The Self, being infinite, could not “pass” through something else.

The 3 states revolve in the Self, not the Self in them. There cannot be anything but the Self other than the undifferentiated Self. The Self is infinite, detached, unaffected, Reality, devoid of mis– perception & non–perception, with no Cause & having no Effect. In final Truth, there no states, & no Mind, & the Self is neither a Cause, nor an experience. Each thought may be regarded as affecting only other thoughts, since the Self is always the unaffected silent Witness of all the thoughts.

Each thought has nothing that actually connects to another thought. All “thoughts” are supported by Consciousness alone. Thought has no knowing power. A thought cannot know itself, not can it know another thought. No thought is self-existent. Each thought depends completely on Consciousness & is never known or experienced apart from Consciousness. Thought appears & disappears in Consciousness alone. So thought is just Consciousness viewed as thought. Thought is said to be a mode (vritti or wave), a modification, or a form of Consciousness. Consciousness itself is forever formless, unmodified, & has no modes, since Consciousness is changeless & Eternal.

There cannot be a form of the Formless, or a modification of Changeless. There cannot be a mode for Birthless & the Eternal. Thought has no real Existence. Thought is like a snake imagined in a rope, or water in a mirage. Thought, both as particular thoughts & as thinking itself, is not an attribute of Consciousness. A true attribute would need to be along with that, to which it is attributed, always. Consciousness is not by nature, a thought. Nor does Consciousness have thoughts always. Therefore, thought is not the attribute of the attributeless Consciousness.

Thought cannot exist without Consciousness. Consciousness exists without thought. The self-existent is alone Real, & the dependent does not truly exist. Thus, in Reality, thought is unreal & the Self alone is Real. The unreal is not an attribute of Reality, the Self. The unreal is not experienced by Reality, which of the nature of Existence-Consciousness- Happiness. What is not Real, & what is not experienced in or if the Real, does not exist. Thus, there are neither thoughts nor states of Mind. One vast Consciousness alone exists.

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