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Essay outside of the NMT (No-Me Teaching) series 8:
Self beyond Thought part II:

Self-luminous Consciousness alone "seems" to illumine the whole World.  Consciousness may or may not become manifest before a Perception, but the Sage knows Consciousness in all Perceptions, either way. Without that knowing, the Self as the Witness, that Self is seen as connected to Thought, Self is made the thinker, which is made the Perceiver, Experiencer, while the Thought becomes an Object. 

Thus the Self is made to be a World & Bondage (non-liberation) from Ignorance ensues.  "Going back the way you came" as Ramana Maharshi puts it, is the Path of Liberation from Ignorance & Bondage.  Objects are known & dissolve into Consciousness, in fact are only the Knowing of them & thus only Consciousness.  So an earthen pot breaks & crumbles back into earth from which it came, & of what which it was made. 

Knowing & Perceiving are not functions, with objects acted upon, for those objects are only the Perceiving & Knowing.  Even taken to be functions, Knowing & Perceiving, as if functions, Knowledge comes only after their cessation, just as Happiness or Sorrow are only known after the cessation of Enjoying or Suffering.  So even if Knowing & Perceiving "were" taken as functions, knowledge would not be, but is rather "that into which" all the objects & functions dissolve.  If anything, objects (which have been the knowing & perceiving of them) "become knowledge". As thoughts rise & set in Knowledge, so do feelings & emotions rise & set in Peace, Bliss, Ananda which as Sat-Chit-Ananda is the Self, Consciousness.

Before Seeing, the Seen does not exist, nor is there the Seen after. And in fact, not "during" the Seeing either. So thought cannot contact a gross physical object. Nor do "subtle" objects rise in thought as separate entities, for "subtle" objects imagined in thought are themselves only thought. One thought cannot exist "within" another [although complex "nested" thought seems to appear], nor can a thought contact another. 

Nor can the thought contact or "have" a subtle or gross physical object – & is thus not really a thought, as generally considered.  Objectless thought is Consciousness, “I”, without separate existence.  Thought has no connection with an Object, or an Action, or the Past or Future thought.  Likewise Action & Thought; Thought & other Thought are "temporally" not connected/

Hence neither Thought nor Action can be binding.  "Outside" does not exist. But during Thought, between Thoughts, & in Deep Dreamless Sleep, “I” continues.  Mind dissolves in Deep Dreamless Sleep, & between thoughts& cannot perceive “I” there.

Mind directed to “I”, merges; Sahaja is centered in the Self, with or without thought.  Seeing is Form & vice versa, as in Perception–Object for the other 5 senses & the Mind. 

Deep dreamless sleep prevails as Consciousness without ignorance or bondage. 

Multiplicity – duality, diversification, differentiation, & variety are in objects (seemingly), not in Consciousness. Ditto for change wherein Consciousness or remains the reference background.  "Changelessness" is falsely attributed to the Body, Senses, Mind, Will, & Intellect due to inability to see them as fleeting objects in Consciousness. 

The insentient cannot know, while knowledge has nothing to know.  Experience alone proves Existence.  Objects are not experienced by thought. Only Knowledge is experience, the Self & not any objects.

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