Friday, July 21, 2017

Essay outside of the NMT (No-Me Teaching) series 11
Some more verses from a great Sage:

When Brahman is visualized as Ultimate Truth, the World is reduced to mere appearance — making Brahman’s title of destroyership literally significant.

Space begets objects, & objects beget Space.  Science wants to establish oneness outside in objects perceived. But Vedanta wants to establish oneness inside, outside & everywhere.

When the thought that you are Atma [Self], the Reality, becomes as strong as your present thought that you are the body, then alone are you free.

Worldly knowledge is nothing other than giving a name to the unknown & dismissing it immediately from your mind.

Consciousness is the light of lights. Therefore Consciousness is self-luminous.  Self-luminosity is the particular prerogative of Consciousness alone.

He who has destroyed the Ego in him knows neither doing nor non-doing.

Witnessing is silent awareness. Do not try to make it active in any way.  Your knowership is objectless & can never be objectified.  You should never try to know that you are the Knower.

The disinterested Witness alone enjoys the "picture" [of a World],

Spirituality replaces the Object by the Subject.
No amount of effort, taken on your own part, can ever take you to the Absolute.

The basic error is the false identification of the “I” with the Body, Senses or Mind — each at a different time. This is the pivot round which our worldly life revolves.

Personality rests with body, senses & mind. If you think you are impersonal, if you feel you are impersonal & if you act knowing that you are Impersonal, you are Impersonal.

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