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NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 26:

Prior to excerpting the Ramana Maharshi disciple, Master Nome in the text below we continue the series: Fine-Tuned Universe 18, the premise that a small change in several of the dimensionless fundamental physical constants would make the Universe incapable of Life.

Fine-Tuned Universe 18:

Early Fine–Tuning:

Some additional Fine-Tuned constants include the anisotropy of the Universe’s expansion and the Fine-Tuning of smoothness-lumpiness as depicted in the CMB image below:

Other Fine-Tuning includes the Ratio of ordinary Luminous Matter to Dark Matter, and the ratio of both of these to Dark Energy.

Another key ratio is that of Photons per Proton or Neutron. Originally, at the conclusion of Cosmic Inflation, the Protons, anti-Protons, and Photons were equal in number. All that occurs near an octillionth of a second of age with about an octillion degrees being the Temperature. That Inflation took a Universe about an octillionth of meter across to one that with slower continuing expansion is now an octillion meters across. That original tiny region was one of very many pre-existing that “took-off” fortuitously, because it was just the right one.

Upon annihilation of anti-Protons, with the Universe a ten-thousandth of a second old, the Proton number went down and Photon number remained relatively very large, with only ten trillion degrees as the Temperature.

As late as 1 second after the Big Bang at ten billion degrees of Temperature, the Proton/Neutron ratio leveled off at 6:1.

“Much later after 100 seconds at a billion degrees, Proton–Hydrogen comprised some 75% of Atoms, Helium 25%, with Deuterons down to 0.00033%, but there were 2 Billion Photons per Matter particle. 

The CMB image above records the Universe at 1 Month but Matter Density did not match Photon Radiation Density until the Universe was 56K yrs old.

A long wait, 300K yrs of the Radiation Era of only Electrons, Nuclei, and Photons continues until the cooler 3K degree (a lab value) and below Temperature allows the beginning of Atoms in the still-ongoing Matter Era.

300K yrs Universe:

After very early “explosive” (of space-time, not matter) Inflation, much slower, continuing Expansion seems “critically” Fine-Tuning for flat  Space moderately expanding, the middle alternative in the Size vs. Time plots below. Then again, repulsive Vacuum Energy may be accelerating our Universe out of its present, long-standing Cold Dark Matter stage into Open Expansion in the Future.

Cosmological Const ==> curved-out expansion; flat critically in between; curved-in collapse

This very specific sequence and interplay were all Fine-Tuned to a degree without which there could not have been Intelligent Life.

Some more selected verses from the Ramana Maharshi disciple, Master Nome disciple:
The unknown Knower of all that is known, the Supreme Knowledge itself, Consciousness remains undivided by the triad of Knower, Knowing, & Known. Consciousness can never be a known or unknown object. Consciousness is the Witness of all, the only Knower. Consciousness, the Knower, is never defined by the Known. Consciousness, the Witness of every state, of all thought, is not defined by thought, nor contained in any state. The Witness is never known. Consciousness is ever non-objective. Consciousness is formless with nothing objective within or without. Unknown, Consciousness alone is known. Not a process of knowing, Consciousness alone is knowing. Not a knower, Consciousness alone is the Knower, the unknown Knower of all that is known.
Bondage is only Ignorance, or error in understanding. One does not attain Self-Knowledge due to Ignorance about the True Nature of the Self & adherence to false conceptions about the Self. The Ignorance makes one feel bound, & the adherence to false notions maintains the Ignorance, yielding the apparent solidity & false continuity of Illusion. Both Ignorance & the tendency to adhere to it are destroyed by Self-Inquiry to know the Truth of the Self.

Sri Shankara declares that just as trees on the bank seem to move when one is in a moving boat, so “transmigratory existence” (life in a Waking World, repeating like nightly dreams, but rather as “physical” Re-incarnation) seems to be true to one who misidentifies the Self with the Mind.

Thus, when the Mind “moves”, one thinks that the Self (like the stationary trees) “moves”. When the Mind is still, one assumes the Self is still. Because the modifications of the Mind are pervaded by the reflected light of Consciousness, with the qualities of Reality & Identity borrowed from pure Being, one assumes that the Self is identical with the Mind & identifies oneself with those modifications. Thus one imagines, “my thoughts, my state of mind or being, my experiences, etc.”  The Mind, or the Ego, is objective, appearing by the light of pure (absolute non-dual) Consciousness alone. Pure Consciousness is the Absolute & is directly realized as existing as such when the “this”, or the objective portion, falsely attributed to it is negated.

Ignorance, or Illusion, is merely a superimposition. By “superimposition” is meant the imagined placement of some attributes, that do not belong to the Self, upon the Self. The basis of the superimposition is real. That basis is pure Existence, pure Consciousness. The superimposed is not a reality in & of itself, but is only a product of Imagination, the result of Ignorance.

It is like the snake imagined to be present when there is only a discarded rope in dim light. The snake is not real & was not really born. But in Imagination, the snake seems to be there, & as long as one is convinced that the snake is there, the true rope is invisible. If one removes that Illusion with the light of Knowledge, he sees the rope alone, as it is, which has been the only reality the entire time. The snake in the analogy represents all that is attributed falsely to the Reality of the Absolute Self, such as the World, the Body, Mind & its conceptions & tendencies, as well as Ego.

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